Tranter is to equip no fewer than 18 large container freighters with plate heat exchangers during the period up until 2012. These vessels are the world’s largest container ships, carrying an unbelievable 14,000 containers (TEU) per shipment.

The South Korean shipbuilding group Daewoo — the third largest in the world — is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches to a number of top-class container ships. Recently, the first in the series of these ships was delivered to German shipping company Claus-Peter Offen in Hamburg. MSC Savona measures no less than 365.5m in length and 51.2m in width. Savona’s cargo capacity is impressive: 7,580 containers can be accommodated on deck, with space for a further 6,456 (TEU) below deck. This enormous vessel can still manage a speed of 24.1kn.

“We’re naturally pleased and proud that we were entrusted with supplying plate heat exchangers for ships including MSC Savona,” says Tomas Sandberg, responsible for European and Asian nautical applications at Tranter International in Stockholm.

The main part of Tranter’s nautical heat exchangers is manufactured in Vänersborg, Sweden. Some are also manufactured at Tranter’s other manufacturing plants in the US, India, China and Germany.

The following equipment is being supplied by Tranter for the 18 ships of the series: central FW coolers, main LO coolers, M/E JFW coolers,
G/E FW coolers and S/T LO coolers.