Tranter was selected by ExxonMobil to provide the heat exchangers for the Kizomba A project. Tranter PHE supplied gasket-plate heat exchangers for the world’s largest Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel installed on the ExxonMobil operated Kizomba A project offshore Angola.

Tranter has supplied numerous gasketed and welded heat exchangers for other similar projects, including crude oil heating and cooling on tankers, FPSOs and additional offshore applications as well as numerous onshore applications.

Equipment supplied for the Kizomba A FPSO included four crude oil coolers capable of cooling hot crude from 78.7°C to 54.6°C at a flow rate of 428.8m³/hr using cool crude oil at 49°C. Each unit is 3,688mm high by 1,257mm wide and 4,463mm long. Their weight is 19,401kg dry and 21,933kg full.

Tranter also supplied two crude oil heaters to warm the crude from 63.8°C to 84.4°C at a flow rate of 1,369.2m³/hr using hot water at 120°C. These units are 2,527mm high by 1,257mm wide and 4,547mm long with a weight of 11,311kg dry and
12,770kg full.

Additionally, two crude oil transfer coolers were supplied to cool the crude oil from 74°C to 38°C at a rate of 848.7m³/hr using cooling water at 28°C. Each crude oil transfer cooler is 2,527mm high by 1,257mm wide by 5,115mm long. They weigh in at 12,514kg dry and 14,693kg when full.

Other equipment include a wash water heater to heat sea water from 15.3°C to 82°C using water at 120°C at a flow rate of 88m³/hr. The heater is 1,270mm high by 565mm wide and 1,927mm long with a weight of 1,002kg when dry and 1,056kg full.

Finally, Tranter supplied three process cooling medium/sea water exchangers to cool water from 47.9°C to 27.8°C at a rate of 2,169m³/hr. Each of these exchangers is 3,526mm high, 1,570mm wide and 6,207mm long. Weight of the unit dry is 21,923kg, and 27,265kg when full.

Tranter aim to become the leading supplier of plate heat exchangers to EPC contractors world-wide. Tranter shall be seen as a customer oriented supplier, providing state-of-the-art application expertise with focus on improving our customers’ value chain and competitiveness by a close relationship from feasibility study until delivery and commissioning of equipment. With global manufacturing sites and service facilities, we should strive to be the key partner for major new contracts, wherever they are built.