TwistR Energy, a pioneer in supersonic cryogenic gas processing, collaborates with TriGen Energy to decarbonise the industry.

In October 2023, Twister’s assets and activities became part of the TriGen Energy Projects Development family of companies: developing and delivering decarbonized fossil fuel solutions for the Energy industry. Twister BV was a 2001 Shell spin-off with roots in Stork, and the Twister hardware and technology have been implemented by companies such as PETRONAS, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM), Petrobras and other companies.

Mr. Pieter Kapteijn, CEO of TriGen Energy BV, stated: “I am delighted to add Twister™ innovative gas processing technology to our portfolio of offerings, as TwistR technologies have valuable synergies with TriGen’s OxyFuel™ clean power solutions”.

Mr. Kees Tjeenk Willink, CEO of TwistR Energy BV, stated: “Our partnership with TriGen will allow TwistR Energy to continue to serve its existing customer base and provide us with a strong foundation to grow new business in the fossil fuel decarbonisation space, working closely with TriGen Energy”.

Twister™ technology will be integrated into a new operating company TwistR Energy BV and remains based in The Netherlands. We will retain Twister™ as a brand name as it is recognized by gas processing engineers globally. The technology will be further developed by adding new gas processing applications based on the combination of supersonic velocity and swirl.

Twister™ will continue to develop, design, engineer and deliver high-value gas processing solutions that increase revenue and, at the same time, lower the environmental footprint and capital- and operating expenditure of oil and gas field developments in both onshore and offshore applications. Used stand-alone or in combination with TriGen’s OxyFuel™ clean power generation solution, Twister™ enables the Oil & Gas Industry to meet the twin challenge of maximizing the value of O&G assets while materially reducing its environmental footprint.

TriGen Energy and TwistR Energy aim to capture and strengthen their synergies and offer compelling fossil fuel monetization solutions to their existing and future clients and partners.

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