Diverse Welding Services specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and global supply of high-quality welded products and services for the oil and gas industry, as well as other process critical industries.

We offer an all-inclusive range of customised orbitally welded subsea umbilical and hydraulic control line welding services and solutions carefully tailored to meet the needs of the customer and end client.

Our highly qualified personnel are fully committed to delivering clean, efficient results with every activity, to ensure a successful project outcome.

Small-bore hydraulic welding for oil and gas tubing

Diverse Welding Services are able to create robust, bespoke small-bore hydraulic and control line tube and piping systems for use with a variety of oil and gas manifolds, umbilicals and wellheads, according to clients’ individual specifications.

Diverse Welding Services fabricates and installs all subsea pipework to the highest possible national and international specifications, while providing a large range of replacement parts for speedy delivery.
The company is able to supply small-bore tubing (SBT) lines for offshore infrastructure such as drill centre manifolds, umbilical clamps and wellhead equipment.
Our use of orbital welding techniques mean our engineers gain optimum control over variables such as welding speed, arc length and pulse frequency, delivering consistently clean and repeatable results.

Our team of expert fabricators have proven experience and are proficient in all forms of the small bore tubing (SBT) manufacturing process; bend, cut, weld and install. Diverse Welding Services core fabrication range is using hydraulic tubing 6mm-25mm in diameter and thicknesses of 0.6mm-3.9mm.

We follow stringent processes to ensure all activities adhere to strict national industry guidelines including ISO, ASME IX, Norsok, NACE, API 6A and ASME B31.3. Our finished product internal cleanliness surpasses NAS Class 6 ratings when flushing and cleaning are required by the client’s application, process or specification.

All of the company’s procedures are tested, approved and documented in our detailed manufacturers’ data reports which provide our customers the assurance of premium-quality workmanship.

Orbital welding services for marine pipe networks

Our cutting-edge autogenous and wire-fed orbital welding equipment offers consistent, repeatable welds with detailed precision on pipework ranging from 3mm-250mm in outside diameter size.

Orbital processes facilitate the welding of materials that are otherwise difficult to join together manually and minimise the possibility for human error, while helping ensure every weld connection is cleanly presented and supplied with documentation and traceability assurance.

Our innovative technology affords the welder much greater control over a number of variables compared to traditional methods, including arc length, weld speed, pulse frequency and thermal conductivity, delivering consistently uniform and accurate results.

Orbital welding techniques are highly versatile and can be implemented when working with any highly alloyed material.

All our orbital welding procedures are carried out in accordance with DNV, NORSOK, ASME, ISO and Australian standards.

Subsea welding procedures for offshore sites

Diverse Welding Services regularly fabricates subsea products and umbilical connection systems using a wide range of materials such as stainless-steel UNS-S31603, Super Duplex UNS-S32750 and Inconel 625 UNS-NO6625.

The company is able to design, fabricate and install SBT hydraulic control and chemical injection lines for a variety of marine infrastructure, including:

  • Drill centre and gas production manifolds
  • Subsea equipment control systems
  • Wellhead equipment
  • Control tubing on jumper spools and leads
  • Umbilical clamping systems and covers

Diverse Welding Services is capable of completing turnkey product packages for our clients due to the recent introduction of our newly specified oil and gas engineering workshop. The combination of our hydraulic control system fabricators and our structural subsea fabrication team ensure we provide a quality assured bespoke product for our clients.

DWS has completed structural deployment frames, test plates and subsea umbilical cradles with integrated control systems to ASME D1.1, AS1554 with full fabrication quality assurance documentation. DWS has the capacity to design, fabricate and complete FATs and SITs in conjunction with the client to meet the requirements of any end-user specifications.

We provide dependable, expert maintenance support services both on and off site, and our workshop is stocked with extensive service equipment to ensure Diverse Welding Services is ready and able to service its clients on time-critical shutdown and repair activities when required.

About Diverse Welding Services

Diverse Welding Services is a Perth, Western Australia-based organisation that was initially founded in 1997 and has since grown into one of the region’s leading suppliers of specialist welding systems for stainless-steel and exotic alloys.

The company has been active in the oil and gas industry for more than a decade and specialises in the provision of bespoke hydraulic tubing installations and process equipment for a versatile range of offshore applications, from small-scale repair tasks to major sitewide developments.

Our team has worked on numerous large-scale projects, including Vincent & Enfield Upgrades, Coniston Novara Upgrade, Pluto, Wheatstone, Prelude, Greater Western Flank II, Julimar, Halyard, Van Gogh, Xena, Persephone and Ichthys.

Diverse Welding Services is an approved service vendor for small bore tubing for both FMC Technologies and GE Oil & Gas. We have a strong reputation built upon past project performance with industry leaders such as Apache, Cameron, FMC Technologies, Fugro,

Oceaneering, Subsea 7, Technip, and Unitech, and have completed projects for leading industry clients such as BHP, Chevron, Inpex, Shell, and Woodside.

Our team of 30 experienced welders and fabricators have never missed a deadline and are dedicated to delivering long-lasting solutions with ongoing, attentive customer service for every customer before, during, and after project completion. We are proud to have been involved with the following projects:

  • Woodside GWF 2 and Lambert Deep Manifolds Small Bore Tubing
  • Woodside Persephone Subsea Manifold Small Bore Tubing
  • Oceaneering Umbilical Reelers
  • Oceaneering HPU and SFT Small Bore Tubing
  • Woodside XENA MLCS Skid Small Bore Tubing
  • Chevron Wheatstone Offshore Lifting and Deployment Frames
  • Technip Aluminium Gangway for the North Sea Atlantic
  • Apache Julimar Small Bore Pipe and Tube Consultant
  • Chevron Wheatstone SDSS Controls Tubing for Four MQC Plates
  • Apache GES Subsea Manifold Small Bore Tubing
  • Apache Balnaves Subsea Manifold Small Bore Tubing
  • Apache GPM Subsea Manifold Small Bore Tubing
  • Apache DC3 and DC4 Coniston Subsea Manifolds Small Bore Tubing
  • Woodside Vincent and Enfield Field Expansion Projects Small Bore Tubing
  • BHP ONGB XT Repair Project Small Bore Tubing
  • Apache Halyard Skid Project Small Bore Tubing
  • Woodside Pluto Field Upgrade Project Small Bore Tubing
  • Apache Van Gogh HFL Repair Project Small Bore Tubing
  • Nickel West Replacement Gas Supply Trains