HAEUSLER is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of metal forming. With 70 years of experience we are pioneers in developing innovative bending machines. What once started as a small locksmith’s shop in 1936 is now a successful, future-oriented family business in the field of metal bending, forming and general assembly technologies.

Metal bending and forming machines for the offshore industry

Our goal is to provide our customers with first class machines, innovative custom solutions and entire highly efficient production lines, all designed and manufactured by HAEUSLER.

HAEUSLER possesses over 75 years of expertise and experience in the offshore platform, pipeline and windmill industries. The long list of references shows the constant high quality of the products and services provided by HAEUSLER.

Metal plate bending machines

HAEUSLER provides universal plate bending machines, including a four-roll plate bending machine (VRM), and a three-roll plate bending machine (HDR).

HAEUSLER is a pioneer in developing innovative bending machines for metal forming.
The four-roll plate bending machine (VRM) is one of HAEUSLER's universal plate bending machines.
HAEUSLER has expertise and experience in the offshore platform, pipeline and windmill industries.
HAEUSLER provides ship plate bending machines (SPBM).
We provide first class machines and innovative custom solutions for the offshore industry.

We also offer special plate bending machines:

  • Large pipe three-roll plate bending machine (RMS)
  • Ship plate bending machine (SPBM)
  • Fuselage panel and wing edge roll bending machine (FKB)

Section plate bending machines

Our universal section plate bending machines include the section bending machine HPR and the beam bender BB.

Our special section bending machines include:

  • Four-roll section bending machine (VPR)
  • Tube coil bending machine (RBM and RWM)
  • Four-roll section bending machine (PRV)

Special forming for offshore metals

  • Dishing press (HKP)
  • Flanging machine (HBM)
  • Plate straightening machine (RI)
  • Tube end sizing machine (CM)
  • Shrinking machine (SM)

Assembly equipment for metal forming machines

We offer the following equipment for metal forming machines:

  • Universal clamping and welding device ‘Crocodile’
  • Clamping rings (AB and ABU)
  • Long-seam tack welding machine (CRWM)

Production lines for offshore metals

We offer large pipe production lines using the RB(E) or the JCO process. We also offer production lines for wheel rims, vessels and wind tower segments.

LSAW pipe mills

Based on its existing experience and know-how HAEUSLER entered into the business of complete long seam saw pipe mills. HAEUSLER LSAW pipe mills work by the roll-bending-(expanding)-process, the most advanced technology.

Since 1990 HAEUSLER has been involved in most of the LSAW pipe mills realised worldwide. Each HAEUSLER equipped LSAW pipe mill achieves national and international certification (e.g. API 5L) within a couple of weeks.

Pipe mill product range

HAEUSLER provides a complete range of LSAW pipe mills, from the supply of single machines for the modernisation of existing mills to general contractor for pipe production on a turnkey basis.

Capacity of HAEUSLER LSAW pipe mills:

  • Pipe diameter: 16in – 80in (406mm – 1,032mm)
  • Pipe length: 20ft – 60ft (6m – 18.3m)
  • Wall thickness: 5/16in – 13/4in (7.9mm – 44.5mm)