When speciality high-performance alloys are needed, High Performance Alloys (HPA) is one of the leading sources for forgings, conversions, and quantities fewer than a mill run. HPA has extensive forging capabilities and cutting-edge processes that have paved the way to precision grain enhancement, particularly in the realm of cold-working high-strength for harsh, demanding environments such as downhole applications.

Whether you are working on a Christmas tree requiring long-term non-galling solutions, addressing wear applications in tar sands, handling measurements while drilling (MWD) downhole, or manufacturing non-magnetic drill string components, HPA has a wide range of alloy solutions for exploration, completion components, refining, and final processing.

In the realm of groundbreaking engineering endeavours, HPA has firmly established itself as a significant source for research and development as well as simultaneously reducing lead times. HPA has established a cutting-edge process for precision cold work that is defined by the hardness profile that is found in the centre of the bar rather than the industry standard of only outer sections hardening usually through a drawbench.

Oven annealing process around 2000°F for three bars soon to be forged down to a smaller diameter.
Forging Cobalt alloy 6B on our open die 750t Lake Erie Forge Press.
Cobalt 6B: the bar on the left has been processed and is being reheated while the bar on the right is being removed to be processed on the Lake Erie Forge Press.
Small diameter bars of high strength alloy N60 coming out of the machine shop after being centreless ground.
Large Round Corner Square bars of alloy N40 ready to be converted down to typical nominal sizes.
Large round bars of alloy N60 often used in valves and connector applications.
Large fasteners made of alloy N60 being checked for quality compliance by quality control.
Pallet of alloy N30 plates that is used in wear applications and tar sands.
Skid of alloy 20 piping often used in processing petroleum products and organic and inorganic chemicals.
Cold working high strength alloy N50 often used in downhole applications.

Whether it’s the oil and gas sector, fusion projects, or critical emergency power plant shutdowns, High Performance Alloys has been consistently providing high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloys that not only help keep the lights on but also help ensure your grill stays fueled for those unforgettable barbecues. When your project requires a special alloy, reach out to High Performance Alloys where quality is ingrained in every step of the process.

Specialists in Nitronic® Stainless Steel

HPA primarily stocks nickel and cobalt alloys as well as the Nitronic® series of stainless steel. Most of the Nitronic alloys have negligible non-magnetism even when cold worked due to the austenitic structure. While stainless steel is often seen as a poor wear alloy, the addition of Silicon, Nitrogen, and Manganese helps to make the Nitronics a reliable wear-resistant option, especially for most severe environments. That composition is also attributed to the renowned anti-galling and anti-seizing properties that make Nitronics excellent fasteners.

While most in the alloy industry are familiar with the chromium, molybdenum, and nickel content of an alloy for corrosion resistance, the addition of Nitrogen in the melting process also acts as an acute resistance to corrosion due to the interstitial composition. These alloys are resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion, sulfide stress cracking, and stress corrosion cracking. High Performance Alloys stocks N30, N40, N50, N60, and high strength options in N50 and N60.

Nitronic® 50/ UNS S20910/ XM19/ 22-13-5/ HS XM19/ Alloy N50/ High Strength N50

Nitronic® 50 has become a great option for extreme corrosion resistance with great mechanicals that cost less than nickel-based alternatives. HPA’s cold-worked High Strength N50 has become a popular option for the harshest of corrosive environments requiring extreme strengths of 100 to 200 Ksi (1378+ MPa) Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) and beyond.

Adhering to NACE’s hardness requirements, HPA has high-strength N50 available in stock or a quick lead time to produce it. The chemistry of alloy N50 has led it to become one of the most preferred alloys for corrosive environments requiring rigorous high strength. You can find N50 used in downhole drilling components such as MWD and non-magnetic drill string components, Christmas tree connectors, and other completion components.

Nitronic® 30/ UNS 20400/ Alloy N30

Nitronic® 30 is the least alloyed of the Nitronic family yet still offers exceptionally good wear and corrosion resistance. Alloy N30 is used in tar sand or oil sand, operations as the wear resistance at a rather low price makes it a very economical choice. The tar sand processing is incredibly harsh on equipment due to the abrasiveness of the sands, high temperatures, and corrosive chemicals.

While HPA does not produce high-strength options for N30, the low cost of this alloy makes it a great economical choice for equipment that needs replacing often. Alloy N30 is one of the greatest values of the wear alloy options available.

Nitronic® 60/ UNS S21800/ Alloy 218/ Alloy N60/ High Strength N60

Nitronic® 60 has become one of the best options for wear applications requiring metal-to-metal contact as the anti-seizing and anti-galling properties make this alloy one of the most exceptional fasteners in either annealed state or high strength. The addition of Silicon creates an inherently self-lubricated surface that helps to ensure that your parts unfasten when you need to remove them.

HPA has established itself as a leader in providing all things Nitronic, especially alloy N60. Not only does HPA distribute this top-tier superalloy but also offers forgings, fasteners, and the instrumental cold worked options available as High Strength N60. Like N50, N60 is readily available in strengths of 100 to 200 Ksi (1378+ MPa) UTS and beyond.

Solutions since 1984

High Performance Alloys has been offering solutions for many industries’ needs since 1984. The oil and gas industry has been a prominent part of HPA’s business as the industries served keep evolving into newer technologies and tech is driven by energy production. HPA has continually grown with these newer technologies to continue offering options that keep industries in business.

Lately, HPA has been expanding into wire and small bar to address the growing robotics and small technology requirements. In addition to the oil and gas industry, HPA carries a variety of alloys used in aerospace, defence, marine, and many others, please reach out to sales@hpalloys.com and ask how HPA can help you complete your project on time. Whether it’s a small bar or a large forging, HPA has the solutions to help get your project completed.

Nitronic® is a registered trademark of Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corp, successor to AK Steel.