Permascand is the leading titanium fabricator in North Europe, designing and manufacturing products in pure titanium and its alloys, such as subsea tools, pipeline and piping components. With more than 25 years experience in this field we are the total supplier for the offshore, marine, shipping and process industries; fields where our clients have the highest demands for supplier reliability, performance and safety.


Titanium is light and strong and offers proven and unique corrosion resistance. Titanium doesn’t corrode in sea water and therefore benefits from a lower maintenance cost, extended periods between downtime and a safer environment. To manufacture and fabricate titanium products a broad experience and understanding of all areas is required.

Permascand’s extensive experience in titanium processing has resulted in the highest level of product safety and economy. We know that and so do our clients. The following few examples of tasks and operations we have undertaken will help to explain the extensive competence we have as designers, fabricators and why we are regarded as the total titanium supplier.


The approx. 5000 tonnes of titanium products that we have supplied throughout the years have resulted in an enormous knowledge bank here at Permascand. In order for our customers to also benefit from our knowledge we have brought all our titanium and surface coating know-how together into one special team, Special Titanium, a team which only concentrates on the most advanced titanium assignments. This special titanium team works with pure development work/problem solving, advanced calculation undertakings, prototype production, business and product development on contract, project management, etc. as well as individual project commissions that comprise development projects. Special Titanium is a unique asset, both internally within Permascand and externally for our customers. With this leading edge expertise collected under one roof, we offer overall responsibility for each delivery. Together with our supplier network we will willingly supply know-how about other materials, e.g. aluminium and nickel based alloys.


There are several areas where corrosion can easily occur and where it absolutely must not occur. The offshore industry is one such example. There are instances where demands on equipment can be extreme, in respect to factors such as strength, weight, resistance to corrosion, etc. Here, the chemical and nuclear industries are perfect examples. We supply titanium pipes to these industries and others, especially to those whose demands on operating reliability are extremely rigorous. It should also be mentioned that calculating the life-cycle cost often comes out beneficial for titanium.

We keep a broad stock of titanium pipe accessories and also produce special designs to order; everything from complete advanced pipe systems to individual pipes and parts in titanium and other corrosion free materials.


From the outset, when the right techniques for processing titanium were developed, the metal was more or less reserved for the military industry. Today the civil market consumes as much titanium as the military. More than half of the titanium used in Sweden has passed Permascand. Our Titanium Service Center has Northern Europe’s largest stock of titanium and possesses invaluable knowledge about the material, its possibilities and applications.

However, the advantage of the Titanium Service Center is not solely in out large stocks. We can also quickly supply ready formed, processed and cut titanium material, as we have access to a leader in the laser industry, our subsidiary Permascand Laser AB. With our large production we have the resources to produce high quality semi-manufactured articles from waste material and accordingly produce the articles at a very competitive price.