PM Piping is a dynamic steel package supplier that is active in the energy sectors, with a particular focus on offshore and line pipe projects. Operators, contractors and fabricators are served worldwide through an international network of more than 100 employees spread across five continents.

German longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipe manufacturer EisenbauKrämer (EBK) is a major shareholder in PM Piping. EBK has a leading research and development department for new products in the oil, gas and power industries. Developed products include roll-bonded clad steel pipes with high corrosion resistance, cryogenic steel pipes for low temperature applications, and the Impander® technique for tighter pipe tolerances. PM Piping clients therefore have access to cutting-edge products for the engineering, welding, fabrication and installation of pipes.

Steel materials for offshore structures

PM Piping offers steel materials in all sizes and grades to European, UK, US and international standards. Efficient and committed employees have years of experience delivering international projects for the energy sectors. They are well equipped to deal with complex tasks.

PM Piping has supplied a large number of tubulars, plates, shapes, cones and other structures to the offshore sector. Sizes and grades include:

PM Piping specialises in steel material for offshore structures.
The company provides seamless and welded pipes in all sizes and grades.
PM Piping has very strong ties to other leading manufacturers of piping materials globally.
Steel tubular fabricator Sif Group is one of the manufacturers represented by PM Piping.
  • Heavy plates in offshore grades ranging from 6mm to 300mm
  • Seamless tubulars from 60mm to 610mm according to API and EN
  • Welded tubulars and cans from 356mm to 6,000mm in grades up to S690
  • Cones, piles and sleeves, including fabricated piles, legs and cones for jackets and tripods
  • Riser systems including J-tubes, bends and caisson assemblies

Seamless and welded pipes

PM Piping has a great deal of experience delivering pipes and associated steel products for projects in the energy sectors. The company can supply large quantities of line pipes for pipelines and also offers complete packages comprising numerous items for the construction of petrochemical and process plants or refineries. Apart from pipes, packages can include butt weld fittings and flanges, stud bolts, gaskets, and valves. Heavy wall seamless and welded carbon, alloy and stainless steel pipes, fittings and flanges can be manufactured for power generation and special projects.

Pipeline products include:

  • Seamless pipes
  • High-frequency induction (HFI) pipes
  • Submerged arc welding (SAW) line pipes
  • Induction bends
  • Corrosion coating and lining
  • Roll-bonded clad pipes
  • Buckle arrestors
  • Machined and bored pipes

Piping materials manufacturer network

Excellent connections to prime manufacturers are essential for the successful completion of major projects. Making use of qualified producers and distributors with well-equipped warehouses ensures that no item is left forgotten.

PM Piping has very strong ties to leading manufacturers of piping materials throughout Europe, North and South America, India, Japan, Korea and China. The company’s manufacturing partners enable it to provide first-class technical support, no matter the pipe product issue.

Steel tubular fabricator

A manufacturer represented by PM Piping, Sif Group has a company history dating back over 65 years. Today, the group is one of the largest steel tubular fabricators serving the offshore oil and gas and wind industries.

Sif Group specialises in the following offshore oil and gas products:

  • Jack-up legs
  • Anchor / mooring piles
  • Jackets and tubulars such as jacket legs, launch legs, bracings, piles and pile sleeves, including internal ring stiffeners, attachments and cladded structures

Key data for the company’s tubulars includes:

  • Diameters from 1.5m to 10m
  • Maximum lengths of 115m
  • Max unit weights of 1,000t
  • Thicknesses from 20mm to 160mm
  • Stress relieving capability of 20m by 7m by 7m, to a maximum temperature of 600°C