Subsea Deep Ocean is a design services company based in Houston, Texas, that specialises in the design of subsea and downhole controls for deepwater exploration and production applications. The company also has offices in Aberdeen and in the Asia Pacific region.

Subsea and downhole control design

Subsea Deep Ocean has a network of qualified and experienced contract engineers available to provide a complete controls design service.

Our services range from small bespoke control systems and design solutions to complete control system design.

We provide 2D in Autocad and 3D drafting / modelling using Inventor and Solidworks.

Subsea Deep Ocean provides subsea control system services and products to the global subsea control market.
The company can provide a wide range of subsea control products from a wide range of manufacturers.
Deep-Remote is a new conceptual design for an umbilical-free control system.
Subsea Deep Ocean has offices in Aberdeen, Houston and Asia Pacific.

Project documentation

The company can provide for specific project documentation needs, either to supplement your existing hard-pressed staff or to provide a complete project document service.

Our documentation service typically compiles the following information:

  • Functional design specifications (typically used to obtain a quotation) and detailed design specifications
  • Test procedures
  • Various control system analyses
  • Schematic drawings, layout drawings, general arrangement drawings and manufacturing drawings
  • Design calculations
  • Master document lists

It also reviews and comments on drawings and documents and provides a digitising service for old paper-based documents, where they are scanned and recovered on MS Word so that they are available electronically and are more readily edited.

Specialised control system components

Subsea Deep Ocean can supply specialised difficult-to-find components that are required for subsea and downhole control systems from a variety of suppliers.

The company also designs its own range of specialised subsea and downhole control components and has them manufactured by sub-contractors.

Innovative deepwater remote control designs

Subsea Deep Ocean strives to develop new and innovative designs for deepwater remote control applications and is currently working on a number of unique concept designs.

Quality assurance

Subsea Deep Ocean emphasises quality assurance when providing its services, and fully understands the importance of high quality in subsea control applications where equipment is often critical function and inaccessible.

The company operates a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 20001 and it is working towards achieving accreditation.