As the exclusive master distributor for RAD Torque Systems in Asia Pacific, Radical Torque Solutions is positioned to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Specialising in pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches and torque calibration systems, our advanced products have proven to be successful all over the world in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

With appointed distributors across Asia Pacific providing an extensive inventory of tools and parts as well as services including repair, torque calibration and torque tool rental, let Radical Torque Solutions assist your organisation in improving productivity and safety by providing you with the lightest, fastest and strongest tools in the market.

Pneumatic torque tools for the offshore industry

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches are planetary gear reduction torque multipliers designed to deliver the most powerful, accurate and safe torque load of any torque multiplier on the market today.

Non-impacting-continuous drive pneumatic torque tool for controlled bolting and valve actuation.
ANSI flange torque tightening for compression testing with RAD 34GX nutrunner.
BOP service work made easy with torque controlled pneumatic RAD gun.
Digital controlled electric torque tools and battery torque tools offer users incremental torque control for controlled bolting and valve actuation.
Torque measurement and calibration equipment for the testing and calibration of torque wrenches, dynamic torque tools and hydraulic torque wrenches.

With continuous drive nut runners covering a range of – 8, (70Nm -11,550Nm) as standard, the RAD gun really is the solution to all controlled bolting and high-torque requirements from actuating valves to assembling ANSI flanges and BOPs.

Electronic torque tools for topside and subsea applications

The RAD electronic series of torque tools offer an affordable solution for all electronic bolting needs where compressed air or high-pressure hydraulics are not available or desirable.

Advanced electronic pistol grip torque wrenches are designed for high torque assembly applications with a high degree of accuracy, and are capable of both data collection and torque / angle measurement.

Electric torque wrenches

RAD electric torque wrenches are digitally controlled torque guns that operate from standard mains power and have a range of 100ft.lbs – 2,300ft.lbs (150Nm – 3,100Nm).

Designed for controlled bolting and valve actuation, these tools offer an economical solution where compressed air is not available.

Battery-powered torque wrenches

RAD battery torque wrenches offer unmatched power, versatility and reliability. Covering a range of – 1, (150Nm – 1,750Nm) and available with either manual or digital control options, these tools offer the ultimate in portability and hassle-free torque control.

Eliminating the need for hazardous air / hydraulic hoses and electrical cables, the battery RAD gun is the perfect solution to on-site controlled bolting and valve actuation.

Manual torque multipliers

Based on the extreme duty ‘Gen-X Series’ of RAD guns, the RAD manual torque multiplier offers the perfect economical solution to controlled bolting applications.

Sharing the same unique serpentine reaction output as the Gen-X Series, the RAD multiplier is compatible with a huge range of reaction arms and nose extension options ensuring the ultimate in safety and reliability.

Offering true torque ratios of 4:1 and 20:1 and available with or without anti wind-up ratchet for torques up to 3, (4,600Nm), the RAD multiplier is easily adapted for use with additional power sources for use on ROVs or other subsea applications.

Manual torque wrenches

Radical Torque Solutions offers a comprehensive range of manual torque wrenches covering a range of 1Nm – 3,000Nm.

Our range includes click wrenches, dial wrenches, breaker wrenches, industrial wrenches, torque screwdrivers and slipper wrenches, which are available with both ratchet heads or interchangeable heads for ultimate versatility.

Torque measurement and calibration equipment

Radical Torque Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AWS calibration equipment to enable the measurement and calibration of pneumatic, battery-powered, electric and electronic-powered torque tools, as well as hydraulic torque wrenches and manual wrenches.

In addition to this, a full range of static transducers, annular transducers and rotary transducers are available for torque control in both ROV and valve actuation.