Matjack, established in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been building airbags and cushions for over 30 years. Matjack has a full line of high, medium and low-pressure lifting bags for all your lifting needs. We also have a large range of underwater lift cushions and pipe plugs. Matjack is well known around the world, with distributors in over 120 countries.

High-pressure air lifting bags

Matjack high-pressure air lifting bags require only 1in clearance and can lift 86t with the touch of a button. They are primarily used in low insertion situations with heavy weights.sev

Matjack’s unique construction is available with four full layers of Aramid fiber per side, which is used primarily in low duty cycle applications, or three full layers of woven steel per side, used in rugged, demanding, high duty cycle applications; both provide for a lifting bag unequalled in strength and durability.

Matjack high-pressure air lifting bags are made in the US, and are ISO and CE certified with a five-year unconditional warranty.

32t Matjack lifting tanker car for re-railing.
50t Matjack lifting 130,000lb crane.
50t Matjacks lifting 630,000lb ammonia tank.
2,000lb pillow cushion raising sunk sailboat.
Matjack's full range of airbags and cushions.
Matjack Jumbo cushions uprighting 86,000lb trash truck.

Low-pressure air lifting cushions

Matjack low-pressure lifting cushions require only 1in to 3in in clearance and work best in cantilever or hinged-style lifts, but can also be used for vertical lifting if rigged correctly, so lateral movement of the weight being lifted is restricted.

Matjack low-pressure cushions are made with Hypalon and Neoprene for unmatched durability and strength. Our low-pressure cushions come in 12 standard sizes, with a five-year warranty and ISO and CE certification.

Hose coupling assisting tools

HoseCat is a state-of-the-art tool to aid firefighters in the handling of NST (National Standard Threaded) and STORZ hose couplings, which is HoseCat I and HoseCat II respectively. Hosecat III is also available and is used for both types on the same truck.

HoseCat is hinged and easily swings from the stowaway into working position. HoseCat will accommodate all popular hose coupling sizes from 1.5in up to and including 4in and 5in diameter hoses.

The technological breakthrough of HoseCat now allows the proper tightening of hose couplings when loading hose beds, and eliminates the need for two firefighters or two spanner tools to uncouple fire hoses.

The stainless-steel construction and durable design will last indefinitely, allowing units to transfer it from their old apparatus to newly purchased apparatus for years of trouble-free use.

Leak-sealing bag

The MatSack Air Bag Leak Sealing System is made with Dupont Barricade and is compatible with any high-pressure air bags. The set up is very quick and they are simple to use, and get you well out of the immediate hazard area.

Available in a variety of sizes, MatSacks work well on smooth and rough surfaces, and offer great chemical resistance, safety, strength and flexibility. MatSacks seal leaks fast on tanks, trucks and pipes, and they are highly adaptable to numerous hazmat situations.

Low-pressure inflatable pipe plugs

Natural rubber type C inflatable pipe plugs are fabricated from the finest quality natural rubber and are totally vulcanized; no adhesives or cements are ever used. Bladders are encased in a 100% polyester cloth cover and all cover seams are triple sewn.

The thickness of the rubber and polyester cloth vary according to the size of each plug. Every plug is expertly manufactured to ensure a snug fit, which ensures a secure shut-off of the pipe when inflated.

All inflating valves and fittings are made of brass and stainless steel, and are standard with each type C plug, which means that no parts can rust. One-bar 0lb-15lb air pressure gauges, which can be furnished upon request, are required to ensure plugs are not over inflated.

Underwater lift bags

Matjack underwater lift bags have one or more handles and tie-off points to make them easy to grasp and secure both in and out of the water. Our underwater lift bags are designed to be folded and rolled into compact, negatively buoyant rolls, which are easy for the diver to handle and deploy underwater.

The over-pressure valves are designed to adequately vent the air from a fully charged bag on a free ascent for any depth. These bags are very versatile light-to-medium-duty lift bags. They are excellent for sport divers and are suitable for most types of underwater lifting and light salvage.

All but the 25lb and 50lb bags have diver-actuated dump valves, and all are open at the bottom to vent expanding air when ascending. Our underwater lift bags are economical, lightweight and fold into a neat, compact roll for easy handling underwater.