BFG Marine manufactures and supplies remote manual valve control systems, as well as other associated marine and industrial products for the offshore industry. The company also supplies several major shipyards in the US regarding projects for military and commercial applications.

Remote mechanical valve operation systems for ships and drilling rigs featuring flexible and / or solid shafts

BFG Marine manufactures mechanical, manually-operated remote valve actuation systems for valves located in difficult-to-reach or hazardous areas, such as on ships and drilling rigs, for the chemical, petroleum, and offshore industries. Systems are available with flexible shafts, solid shafts, or a combination of the two.

Applications include ballast control, sewage treatment systems, firefighting and emergency fuel shut off.

Thanks to our vast experience in the industry, combined with the skills of our highly qualified engineers, BFG Marine is able to develop unique solutions for demanding applications.

BFG Marine supplies remote valve control systems, gear boxes, couplings and joints for the marine and offshore industry.
BFG Marine supplies products for offshore applications such as ballast control, firefighting, sewage treatment and emergency fuel shut off.
BFG's deck access boxes feature a patented Cam-Lock threadless cover.
Slip joints allow for changes in system length due to motion and vibration, and can be adapted for use with flexible shaft systems.
Gear boxes come with a strong, corrosion-resistant bronze or aluminium housing.

Flexible reach rods

BFG Marine flexible reach rods are an excellent alternative to troublesome solid rod systems. Their sealed casings and stainless-steel outer fittings make them virtually maintenance-free in most applications. They are simple to install and can usually be easily adapted to existing solid rod system components

Deck access boxes and remote valve operators for the energy industry

BFG’s flush-mount deck access boxes feature a patented Cam-Lock threadless cover design that resists jamming even in the harshest environments.

Remote valve operators come either with or without indicators, and are designed for surface mounting as a termination point for reach rods. They are available with a spherical weld sleeve or bolt flange, depending on the application.

Adaptable slip joints and swivel gear joints

BFG Marine supplies and manufactures universal and double universal joints, built to meet MIL-20625A and operate at a maximum angle of 30°. The company also provides adaptable slip joints, for applications where motion and vibration cause changes in system length.

Swivel gear joints transmit torque around bends between 30° to 330°, for rigid-rod or flexible shaft systems.

Torque boosters

BFG Marine’s unique inline 4:1 ratio torque boosters help gain leverage over difficult-to-operate valves. Made with corrosion-resistant bronze housings and stainless steel hardware, these units are built to work in harsh environments.