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Valves, Piping Systems and Connectors for the Offshore, LDPE/EVA and UREA Industry

BHDT offers valves, piping systems and connectors for use in offshore applications.

Werk-VI-Straße 52,
8605 Kapfenberg,

BHDT – Excellence in High Pressure

BHDT is the market-leading manufacturer of medium and high-pressure piping, prefabricated isometrics, valves and fittings for the LDPE/EVA and UREA sector worldwide. We also manufacture equipment for the Offshore Technology market. 

Based on profound knowledge in material science and decades of experience in producing medium and high-pressure equipment for petrochemical and fertilizer production, BHDT has established long-term business cooperation with all major process licensors.  

Our knowledge of process technologies, our state-of-the-art product design, quality, and excellent after-sales service guarantee the optimum functionality and the long service life of our products. We also provide on-site installation, start-up, maintenance, and welding service. 

Medium and high-pressure equipment manufactured by BHDT is exclusively tailor-made in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. 

BHDT high-performance components

  • Piping: medium/high/extra high-pressure piping | prefabricated isometrics
  • Valves: manual/actuated/control/safety/check/sampling valves
  • Fittings: flanges | lens rings | elbows | distribution blocks | T-pieces/blocks | reducers | weldolets | rupture discs | special items
  • Connectors: BestLoc® Clamp Connector | BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME) | BestLoc® Compact Flange (Norsok L-0005)
  • Accessories: Hydraulic oil units | valve test stations | bolt torqueing equipment | bolting material

About BHDT

Established in Austria in 1958, BHDT is a manufacturer of medium and high-pressure equipment such as valves, piping systems and connectors for special applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

We also offer on-site installation, start-up and maintenance services.

High-Performance Components

BHDT products are mainly used for medium-pressure and high-pressure applications (up to 3,600 bar), as well as for high temperatures (up to 400°C) and corrosive media applications.