Valves, Piping Systems and Connectors for the Offshore Industry

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BHDT offers valves, piping systems and connectors for use in offshore applications. Its products are focused on medium and high-pressure applications (up to 3,600 bar), as well as high temperatures (up to 400°C).

Our designs are verified using state-of-the-art software systems, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations, pipe stress evaluations, and valve flow coefficient calculations (CV). We use only forged raw materials from European suppliers that meet both international standards and customer requirements.

The range of raw materials used for valve production includes standard carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex material and exotic materials, such as titanium.

All products are tested in-house to ensure they meet international regulations, as well as customer-specific needs. BHDT’s facilities are designed to carry out cycling tests at temperatures ranging from -196°C and 400°C.

Gate valves for oil and gas applications

BHDT’s through conduit gate valves are designed for specific applications such as offshore platforms, onshore terminals, pipeline transportation, piggable pipelines (pig traps), blowdown and reinjection, as well as pumping.

BHDT gate valves meet the requirements for high integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS), emergency shutdown (ESD) and subsea isolation valve (SSIV) applications. They are also suitable for both low and high operating temperatures.

We offer various types of stem sealings, including standard O-rings, thermoplastic seals and full metal, which can withstand critical process conditions such as high temperatures, high pressures and abrasive media.

The seat sealing is individually spring-energised and enables a fully sealing upstream, downstream or bi-directional valve design. It also has a body cavity vent that can be used with upstream / downstream pressurised pipes and is available in standard and reverse-acting designs.

Trunnion ball valves for offshore platforms

BHDT’s trunnion ball valves are designed and manufactured according to international standards for specific offshore applications. They can be used for special services, including HIPPS, ESD and SSIV, and both low and high operating temperatures.

Their design includes soft or a full metal-to-metal sealing for certain applications.

BHDT has focused on the development of the internal sealing component coating (tungsten and chrome carbide) to achieve high valve performance in terms of durability.

Full metal seal ball valves, including stem metal seals for pressure up to 1,000 bar, are tested and qualified in-house according to international standards.

A specific design for subsea applications is available for water depth down to 2,000m.

Double block and bleed, axial check, and on / off control globe valves

BHDT’s compact, high-performance double block and bleed (DBB) valve is based on its ball valve design.

Our axial check valves are spring-energised and built according to international standards. This allows reduced weight and dimensions compared with standard check valves, as well as increased energy efficiency. The internal design minimises fluid pressure drop from low to the highest operative pressure.

The company also offers a complete range of sealing, including soft, thermoplastic and full metal.

BHDT offers a wide range of standard or customised on / off and control globe valves. They can feature a flow-to-open or flow-to-close design to meet stringent customer requirements.

We design and develop equal, true linear and modified multistage CV sizing (Christmas tree design).

Metal clamp connectors for the offshore industry

BHDT has developed a complete series of connectors up to American Petroleum Institute (API) class 20000 named BestLoc.

BestLoc metal clamp connectors offer a higher level of performance and a lower weight / dimension compared with standard flanges while being able to withstand greater external loads such as axial force and bending moment.

They are interchangeable with other clamp connectors in the market, as well as offer a simple installation and seal ring auto-alignment.

Prefabricated isometric oil and gas piping

We help our customers to optimise their layout design, resulting in weld seam optimisation and a minimised welding and adjustment on-site.

In addition to in-house testing and certification, BHDT also offers full on-site service, including assembly and welding.

About BHDT

Established in Austria in 1958, BHDT is a manufacturer of medium and high-pressure equipment such as valves, piping systems and connectors for special applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

We also offer on-site installation, start-up and maintenance services.

Low Weight High Pressure Ball Valves

High reliability, a long service life, application options over a wide range of temperature and pressure, cost-efficient production, as well as economical operation and the lightest and most compact design possible are the main requirements for high-pressure sub-sea ball valves.


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