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Valves, Piping Systems and Connectors for the Offshore, LDPE/EVA and UREA Industry

BHDT offers valves, piping systems and connectors for use in offshore applications.



BHDT – Excellence in High Pressure

BHDT is the market-leading manufacturer of medium and high-pressure piping, prefabricated isometrics, valves and fittings for the LDPE/EVA and UREA sector worldwide. We also manufacture equipment for the Offshore Technology market. 

Based on profound knowledge in material science and decades of experience in producing medium and high-pressure equipment for petrochemical and fertilizer production, BHDT has established long-term business cooperation with all major process licensors.  

Control Valves.
DBB Valves.
Ball Valves.
Prefab Isos.
Check Valves.
HP Piping.
MP Piping
Actuated valves.
Manual valves.

Our knowledge of process technologies, our state-of-the-art product design, quality, and excellent after-sales service guarantee the optimum functionality and the long service life of our products. We also provide on-site installation, start-up, maintenance, and welding service. 

Medium and high-pressure equipment manufactured by BHDT is exclusively tailor-made in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. 

BHDT high-performance components

  • Piping: medium/high/extra high-pressure piping | prefabricated isometrics
  • Valves: manual/actuated/control/safety/check/sampling valves
  • Fittings: flanges | lens rings | elbows | distribution blocks | T-pieces/blocks | reducers | weldolets | rupture discs | special items
  • Connectors: BestLoc® Clamp Connector | BestLoc® Compact Flange (ASME) | BestLoc® Compact Flange (Norsok L-0005)
  • Accessories: Hydraulic oil units | valve test stations | bolt torqueing equipment | bolting material

About BHDT

Established in Austria in 1958, BHDT is a manufacturer of medium and high-pressure equipment such as valves, piping systems and connectors for special applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

We also offer on-site installation, start-up and maintenance services.

White Papers

  • High-Performance Components

    BHDT products are mainly used for medium-pressure and high-pressure applications (up to 3,600 bar), as well as for high temperatures (up to 400°C) and corrosive media applications.