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Ball Valve for Offshore Pipeline Systems

Böhmer manufacturers bolted and fully welded ball valves, serving a wide range of applications in the offshore industry.

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Böhmer manufacturers bolted and fully welded ball valves, serving a wide range of applications in the offshore industry.

Its product portfolio includes shut-off valves used in the oil and gas sector. Böhmer is known worldwide for the reliability of its products and supplies valves for above-ground and underground pipelines, as well as for undersea pipelines.

The company is one of the few manufacturers that is API 6DSS certified.

Ball valves are used for a wide range of applications.
The company's main factory is based in Sprockhövel, Germany.
The subsea ball valve, 8- inch
The subsea ball valve ,28-inch
A test stand for ball valves

Tested and certified ball valves for the offshore industry

Whether it is a gaseous, liquid or solid media, extreme demands are met by sturdy designs with highly resistant materials. Böhmer proves the absolute suitability of its ball valves by applying all testing and certification procedures throughout the industry.

To maintain this quality, the company continuously invests in modernisation and innovation. New materials, designs and procedures are developed and extensively tested. Top priority is always ensuring safety and reliability over the entire service life.

Customised products for any offshore project

Böhmer delivers custom-made products to its customers in the shortest possible time, offering intensive consultation worldwide. Together with customers, the company’s experts define an application profile, which is the basis for choosing the materials, components and the right type of seal (purely metal seated, PMSS or soft seated).

Design features such as Double Block and Bleed, Single and Double Piston, fire safe design, sealant injection or additional bypass lines are just a few of the ways to customise the ball valve perfectly to the required conditions.

The company’s established modular system enables short and flexible production times. It contains the components for the ball valves in all conceivable nominal widths, pressures and temperatures. The universally applicable components are kept available in the company’s warehouses. The computer-aided warehouse management ensures that there are never bottlenecks.

Proven operational safety and low maintenance valves for offshore platforms

Böhmer is always aware of its responsibility and acts accordingly. Due to extreme operational safety, the company’s products are designed to protect life and the environment. In addition, they enable considerable cost savings by reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Customers also benefit from the fact that the ball valves simplify certain processes, which otherwise would require much more complex solutions. More and more customers are realising that higher investment in quality products pay off by significantly lower operating and maintenance costs.

Serving the oil and gas industry internationally

In its production facilities, Böhmer has some of the most modern machinery in the industry. Nevertheless, its experienced and motivated employees are the key to the high quality of its products.

Currently, Böhmer produces at two locations in Germany, as well as serving the Asian market from its plants in Kazakhstan and China.

All over the world, Böhmer’s ball valves serve as shut-off units, including gas storage facilities, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, power plants or transmission pipelines transporting oil and gas. Böhmer is also well known for its solutions for district heating networks.

About Böhmer

Since its foundation in 1956, Böhmer has delivered hundreds of thousands of ball valves to its customers. Unlike many other companies in the industry, Böhmer has focused on one product – the ball valve.

Böhmer offers a number of other products in its portfolio, including application-optimized valves in nominal sizes from DN 3 (1/8 “) to DN 1400 (56”), which are available in 100,000 different designs.

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