Signum Technology company KLAW LNG, the world leader in the design and manufacture of Ship-to-Ship and Ship-to-Shore safety critical LNG transfer systems, has confirmed an innovative new element to its hose transfer system.

The CryoCL sets new standards for speed of connection and increased safety.

The CryoCL can deliver up to 50 times faster connection times than the traditional nut and bolt method and is already proving to be effective in commercial operations with a FSRU Bangladesh LNG import facility at the Moheshkhali Floating LNG terminal; commissioned in August 2018.

The fast connection advantages of the CryoCL is particularly valuable given the weather conditions that can be particularly challenging in that part of the world.

Operational efficiencies in time is also exponentially improved with multiple lines.

This new technology is also a great step forward in terms of safety. Faster connection and disconnection reduces exposure time for crew on deck; which can be particularly acute in extreme hot or cold environments. This simpler method of connection also means operators are less exposed to the risk of hand injuries.

“This is another example of Signum driving technology forward with new product development investment focussed on delivering solutions and real benefits to operators both in terms of efficiency and safety,” says Signum Technology Sales and Compliance Director Jeff Vile.

The CryoCL is part of the 10 inch LNG hose transfer system supplied by KLAW LNG for the Moheshkhali Floating LNG terminal. The critical safety transfer system is a crucial part of Bangladesh’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) import facility.