Gall Thomson, the world’s leading authority on the application, design and supply of Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs) has published a consultative guide to assist operators in managing MBCs within their transfer operations.

Marine Breakaway Couplings Management provides users with a detailed overview of best practice in the deployment, management and maintenance of Gall Thomson MBCs.

Gall Thomson managing director Max Virgin said: “Although training on the use and management of Gall Thomson MBCs is available, as well as a comprehensive guide to proper maintenance, we have nevertheless been mindful of the need to have a simple to understand guidance document freely available to users who might have slipped into sub-optimum practices over the years.

“We are proud that we can boast that we have never experienced a single spurious activation of a Gall Thomson MBC due to a product fault in the 40-year history of the product’s development and use.

“However, the MBC is designed to activate if circumstances exist beyond the designed tolerances. It is after all that the MBC is for. Misuse or poor maintenance can contribute to circumstances that can provoke a spurious activation. We are therefore eager to help operators mitigate this risk by requesting accurate specification information, adherence to the Installation and Operations and Maintenance Guide provided with each MBC and good MBC management. The Marine Breakaway Couplings Management document provides a good introduction to these requirements.”