Gall Thomson approved certification (GTAC) is a detailed standard for the servicing of Gall Thomson marine breakaway couplings (MBCs) that will enable operators to hold a recognised standard of service history for each unit.

Gall Thomson has always provided a high standard of refurbishment, repair and activation resetting for marine breakaway couplings, but GTAC will provide customers with certification that confirms the servicing of the MBC has been conducted and completed to detailed and logged GTAC standards.

The Gall Thomson MBC is a crucial component in the safe transfer of product such as crude oil in the marine environment. When undue strain or an unacceptable surge is placed on the hose transfer system, the MBC will activate and allow the hose system to separate and close. Damage to assets, pollution and injury to personnel is therefore minimised.

The comprehensive procedures within GTAC encompass all aspects of MBC servicing. The unit must have been worked on by GTAC trained engineers and only GTAC approved components are used. Strict inspection and work procedures are followed and results logged at each stage of the project. All GTAC refurbished MBCs undergo the same rigorous test procedures as used during initial manufacture.

The MBC is then approved for GTAC certification and is returned to the operator along with a detailed written report and recommendations.

GTAC certification is available for the petal valve and flip-flap valve Gall Thomson range of MBCs.