Gall Thomson

Gall Thomson has launched a range of Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings (UBCs) designed to protect Single Point Mooring (SPM) terminals from the potential consequences of vessel collision or extreme weather events.

The UBC is designed to activate when strain is placed on the Underbuoy hose transfer system. The UBC will then close the flow of media and separate the hose string. UBC activation can be caused by vessel collision (such as tanker or other vessel) or an extreme weather event, such as tsunami or hurricane.

An unprotected SPM may by dragged beyond its working envelope and suffer ruptured Underbuoy hoses, fractured PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) or damaged Submarine Pipeline. This could result in a major offshore oil spill, injury to personnel, asset damage, clean-up costs, downtime and damaged reputation.

The UBC range is available with Gall Thomson Petal or Flip-Flap Valve technology, both of which use the proven technology of the Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) range.

The launch of the UBC range is part of a comprehensive investment programme designed to substantially increase and consolidate Gall Thomson’s technical and commercial market-leading position.