MECESA is a recognised provider of industrial instrumentation and safety, located in Barcelona with 52 highly qualified employees and more than 63 years of history.

MECESA specialises in the design, manufacture, test and commercialisation of mechanical components for industrial instrumentation lines.

MECESA designs are focused on the industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, energy, nuclear, water treatment, pharmaceutical, and food industry.


  • Background: Since 1952, MECESA has supplied mechanical parts and components for instrumentation lines of worldwide projects managed by national and international engineering and companies. The best presentation of MECESA is the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers and end users taking advantage of MECESA’s products and services
  • Versatility, know-how and experience: MECESA designs according to customer specifications and recognised standards, machines all material (austenitic, super-austenitic, nickel-based alloys, polymers, etc) according to ASME/EN standards (European origin certified), manages logistics of inspection and delivery in its own plant or in anywhere in the world
  • Reliability: Robust manufacturing quality, full traceability of all components, test 100% of the products and capacity to meet the most rigorous quality standards are the arguments that allowed the entry of MECESA as authorised supplier for Spanish Nuclear Power Plants in 1968. The same quality arguments are applied to all MECESA production in order to ensure the quality required by the market
  • Support and customer service: From initial inquiry to installation and subsequent performance of all mechanical parts of the instrumentation industrial lines, in all stages MECESA is a high-value ally

Product range

The wide range of designs MECESA, combined with the technical and creative skills of its engineers, offers both general and specific solutions for all industrial applications.


The components manufactured as a common products are:

  • Fittings: Up to 2in, with connection by double ferrule compression, threaded or welded. In material ASME / EN and available for all applications (lock, union, adapter, reduction, dielectric union, etc) with all designs (plug, tee, elbow, cross, straight, for panel, etc)
  • Valves: Needle, ball, gauge or retention, rating of up 10,000psi with connection by double ferrule compression, threaded or welded. Material ASME / EN and a wide range of options and designs (purge, seat, control, straight design or ‘L’, for panel, micrometric spindle, PTFE / Graphite, etc)
  • Manifold: from one to six valves and one or two way, with rating up to 6,170psi with connection by double ferrule compression, threaded, welded or with flange. Materials ASME / EN and a wide range of options and designs (monoflange compact, with one or two purges, actuator, PTFE / Graphite, ball stem end/ cone stem end, etc.). Full compatible with leading manufacturers of transmitters
  • Double block and bleed valves (DBB): Process interface valves. Connection flange, threaded or welded, sampling and injection valves with customisable nozzles, instrument DBB valves, primary isolation valves (process monoflange)
  • Condensate pots / collectors: Performance up to 600°F / 3,625psi design according to service conditions or specifications informed by customer, materials ASME / EN, connections threaded or welded, fully tested. Optionally with radiograph for welded parts, and penetrant liquids
  • Tubes and pipes: Some of the most reputed European or North American brands are distributed by MECESA to deliver complete instrumentation packages
  • BS&B safety parts: MECESA is the exclusive distributor for Spain of full range of security products BS&B, recognised North American brand of rupture disks, Pressure vacuum valves, pressure safety valves, flame arresters, and Explosion Panels
  • Other designs: Customised manifold, including safety valve, membrane valves, safety valves manufactured in Hastelloy 100% for nuclear power plants