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RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik

Safety Breakaway Couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings, Swivel Joints and Hose Loading Arms

An'n Slagboom 20,
Norderstedt, 22848,

RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik is a medium-sized family company that combines traditional values with innovative technology and an international viewpoint from our home in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, Germany.

We aim to provide the most efficient means possible of moving and controlling liquids and maximising the safety of people, materials and the environment. The RS brand stands for the safe transportation and control of many different liquids.

Our capabilities include:

  • Planning, developing and building ‘intelligent’ systems with modern hose and fittings technology, and loading and safety systems
  • Producing high-value products which live up to the quality reputation of ‘made in Germany’
  • Service and consultancy from project planning to application
  • Constant communication with users, plant designers and other suppliers of integrated system components: ‘thinking in a system’
  • Made to measure logistics throughout the product’s lifecycle
  • Comprehensive all-round services

Safety breakaway couplings (SBC)

Breakaway couplings (also called safety breaks) are safety components used during loading processes to prevent serious safety hazards. Unwanted and disproportionate tensile load on the load line, which is caused (for example) when tankers and trains drive off too soon or by ships drifting, can mechanically damage or even destroy both the connection points and the load line itself, which could lead to uncontrolled leaks of the fluid to be loaded, resulting in the corresponding risks to people and the environment. That is why breakaway couplings are finding increasing use as the standard when loading hazardous media (caustic, toxic, explosive, etc.) in order to prevent industrial accidents.

RS provides a wide range of breakaway couplings with different release mechanisms for marine and chemical applications.

Dry disconnect couplings

Dry disconnect couplings are safety components. They facilitate fast coupling and decoupling of filled hose and pipe lines under operating pressure without significant leaks or loss of the handled fluid. They are used everywhere where people and/or the environment need to be protected from hazardous leaks of media (caustic, toxic, explosive, etc.), or, vice-versa, where sensitive media (e.g. food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical products) need to be kept safe from environmental contamination.

For special and niche applications, we have a whole range of special technologies on hand for you and would also be happy to adapt them to your individual application. For more information, send us an enquiry.

Swivel joints / ball swivel joints for offshore hoses

Swivel joints protect connected hoses from torsion loads (twisting), which greatly reduces the service life of the hose. Furthermore, they ease handling of the hose line, which plays an important role especially for large and heavy hoses or when being used in tight spaces.

Metal part materials are available in stainless steel or brass standard, with others on request. O-ring materials are supplied in FPM standard (others on request). Thread seat materials in PTFE (in SS) and Vulkollan (in MS) are available as standard, while others are available on request.

Hose loading arms

Special hazards to staff and equipment are present during the loading and unloading of chemicals between fixed and mobile tanks.

RS hose loading arms SGA, in conjunction with safety couplings at the point of transfer, provide a higher level of safety for people, materials and installations.

RS hose loading arm SGA provides high ergonomic benefits to the staff and prevents the hoses and armatures from damages during handling.

RS Roman Seliger Armaturenfabrik

An'n Slagboom 20

Norderstedt, 22848