Schroeder Valves will participate in Valve World 2012, the major exhibition for industrial valves and fittings, which will be held in Dusseldorf/Germany from 27- 29 November. You will find Schroeder Valves at booth G19 in hall 4.

Schroeder Valves is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing protective pump fittings. For more than 60 years the company has been producing superior quality valves for refineries and power plants, the chemical industry, the offshore sector and, more recently, for the production of renewable energies.

The Schroeder Valves portfolio ranges from throttles and automatic recirculation valves to high-pressure control valves. Each product is custom designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of the clients’ pumps and system data. The products’ superior protective qualities and proven longevity effectively contribute to lower system and operating costs.

Valves made by Schroeder are renowned around the globe for their exceptional quality, excellent reliability and a long service life. They are suitable for use under extreme conditions because of the use of premium components and materials.