SSP manufactures instrumentation products that meet all industry standards while significantly improving the user installation and replacement process. Customers specify SSP with confidence due to a track record of reliability, dependability and real-world performance backed up by third-party approvals and certifications.

Successful ASTM-F-1387-99 test results prove interchangeability with all industry standards for instrumentation fitting designs. Other approvals and test reports are readily available.

Global distributor network for instrumentation fittings and valves

But it takes much more than this. It takes speed and responsiveness, individual initiative and accountability. SSP’s customers and associates are known worldwide for their integrity and the partnerships they share.

Our distributors also share our attitude and values. That means users of SSP products can expect superior service from a trained, qualified local business, which is committed to providing personalized attention. In addition, all product catalogs, specifications, dimensions and even CAD drawings are available online.

SSP is the only supplier in the industry to provide instrumentation fittings that are individually bagged for cleanliness and quality control.
SSP's line of stainless-steel valves includes medium and high-pressure check valves, two and three-way ball valves, and full-flow quick connects.
SSP Tubes conform to restricted tolerance controls for hardness and outer diameter, ensuring a leak-free connection.
TurnPro™ is a patented fully automatic assembly tool that provides 100% accurate, first time fitting assembly.
Whether you’re involved in upstream, including offshore, exploration and production, or downstream refining, SSP can provide a range of process instrumentation components to help you succeed.

Instrumentation fittings and superior-grade tubing for leak-free connections

SSP’s systems approach yields a formula for leak-free connections, combining instrument fittings, superior-grade tubing, and tools and training support for installers.

All SSP instrumentation fittings are individually bagged for cleanliness and quality control – the only supplier in the industry to provide this extra value. In addition, all nuts are marked with the appropriate tubing size and all NPT threads are available with factory-applied Teflon® tape, preventing leaks and component damage.

SSP Tubes are made to a higher standard, conforming to restricted tolerance controls for hardness and outer diameter (OD) in order to help the installer make a leak-free connection. Individually capped ends prevent contamination and damage that could cause leaks. For safety reasons, SSP Tubes also have the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) printed on each tube – again, the only supplier in the industry offering this added service.

The installer is the key to successful leak-free connections. SSP understands the reality of the installer’s job and helps with comprehensive online and in-person training, smartphone-based instructions available through QR codes, as well as specialized tools and accessories.

Patented fully automatic assembly tool for fittings and tubing

The patented TurnPro(TM) fully automatic assembly tool yields 100% accurate, first time fitting assembly. From hand tools to the exclusive TurnPro, SSP continues to focus on being the favorite supplier of the installer.

Stainless-steel valves

SSP’s expanding valve lines include an increasing number of offerings in the new SSP Valve family, as well as the Flolok® valve line, which has been in existence since 1960. SSP Valves are functionally and dimensionally indistinguishable from industry standard designs. Available configurations include medium and high-pressure check valves, two and three-way ball valves, and full-flow quick connects.

SSP: ISO certified and committed to manufacturing

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, US, in 1926, SSP has grown to be a worldwide leader in the production of instrumentation fittings, valves, tubing and accessories. SSP is a vertically integrated manufacturer, from tooling to forging to high volume and made-to-order precision machining.

Housed in a recently updated 165,000ft² facility, the company serves a global growth-oriented distribution network, manufacturing the brand names Duolok®, Unilok®, Griplok®, and TruFit® fittings and Flolok and SSP Valves.

Certified to ISO 9001 since 1997, SSP utilizes Kaizen methodology and Six Sigma tools to continually and rapidly respond to customers’ requirements, with a special focus on the needs of the installers of the instrumentation systems.