Valve Services specialises in the maintenance of safety, pressure relief, flow control and stop valves as well as actuators and ancillary pipeline products for the offshore industry.

We are dedicated to addressing customers’ individual operational needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with fast turnaround times in breakdown situations. Our staff are experienced and highly qualified and are able to provide in-depth advice and assist with critical marine valve projects.

Pipeline safety, pressure-relief and stop for offshore projects

Valve Services is an ISO 9001-accredited supplier of valves for pipeline safety and pressure-relief systems. Our company’s extensive catalogue of items includes tank relief valves, conservation vents, direct spring safety and pilot-operated valves as well as specialist rupture and buckling pin solutions.

In addition, we are able to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance gate, stop, butterfly, and plug stop and control valves, as well as piston, swing and tilting disc check valves. All products are of the highest quality offering only top brands and manufacturers.

Valve Services is able to test an extensive range of valve products according to clients’ specific operational requirements, as well as major national and international safety criteria.
We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality valve units for offshore applications, including innovative rupture and buckle pin shut-off valve systems.
The company is able to create new components on a made-to-order basis to address the exact requirements of customers’ processes.

Rupture pin valves for marine applications

Valve Services’ innovative rupture pin valve systems are able to alleviate pressure at designated points with accuracy and reliability. Units consist of a piston and a seat that form a tight seal, which are restricted from movement by a small round component known as the buckling pin.

Each of our rupture pin valves acts as a self-contained and self-actuating unit, opening in a matter of milliseconds once the pin is buckled. The systems can also be equipped with proximity sensors designed to alert operators when the valve has operated.

Valves are manufactured in sizes from 1in to 48in diameter, with pressure set points from 100,000psi to as low as 2in of water column.

Rupture pin valves are ideal for deployment in scenarios requiring prolonged contact with corrosive fluids and compounds. The systems’ integrity remains unaffected during the valve reset process, which allows for minimal operating costs and servicing.

Valves can also be manufactured from plastics and special alloy materials, or lined with glass to suit customers’ unique situational needs.

Buckling pin valves for oil and gas activities

Valve Services’ buckling pin valves provide a precise and dependable solution for isolation, flow diversion and emergency shutdown applications.

Valves comprise a disc, clapper and plunger or piston held in place by an external, corrosion-resistant ground pin held tightly on both ends. The pin is designed to buckle at an exact set point upon the application of axial force, instantly closing the valve.

Our buckling pin valves can be made to order and are highly customisable depending on the intended application. We have successfully supplied systems ranging from 1in through 18in in diameter with pressure points from 5psi-6,000psi, and vacuum levels can be set as low as 1psi.

Similar to our rupture pin systems, buckling pin solutions can be fitted with proximity sensors and constructed from specialist materials according to client specifications. We can also configure valves to sense either system or differential pressure.

Valve maintenance and testing services for offshore sites

Our company is committed to delivering prompt customer service and our highly qualified technicians offer a wide range of maintenance, repair and modification solutions to address clients’ individual needs, ensuring maximum operational efficiency at minimal cost.

In addition to comprehensive reconditioning, maintenance, upgrade and repair procedures, we are able to source genuine factory parts for niche repair works. Alternatively, we can fabricate components to specific requirements.
Valve Services also provides valve management, identification and swap-over services on request.

Leveraging the very latest in cutting-edge valve testing technology and equipment, we have the ability to test a wide array of valve systems and ancillary products to ensure compliance with both national and international standards, in addition to customers’ own precise operational criteria. This all completed at our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited, purpose-built testing laboratory.