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Specialist Industrial Valves for the Offshore Industry

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Advanced Valve Solutions (AVS) was established in 1999 and has since earned an unparalleled reputation for supplying specialist valves and equipment for some of the most demanding industrial applications.

Along with our sister company, AVS (UK), our team of experienced engineers have been delivering tailor-made engineered solutions to our customers in the power, petrochemical, and oil and gas markets.

Complete valve packages for the offshore industry

Over the years AVS has gained intimate knowledge in the specification and selection of complete valve packages, including control valves, isolation valves and made-to-measure process solutions.

AVS represents a number of carefully selected, long-established quality manufacturers. Good communications and relationships with our principal manufacturers make it possible to respond quickly and effectively to both your technical needs and delivery requirements.

Extreme service hydraulic choke for drilling, choke and kill, coil tubing, well control, frac flowback, under balanced drilling and snubbing applications.
CORTEC manifold valves are designed for high-pressure fluid control applications, providing users with a space-saving and lightweight design, requiring up to 50% less space and up to 50% less weight when compared with traditional ANSI and API class valves.
All CORTEC chokes are field convertible from positive to adjustable by changing out the bonnet assembly or cap assembly. They are available in a variety of material specifications and a wide variety of connectors.
With its triple eccentric design and metal-to-metal sealing, the TRI-CON series guarantees an ideal valve design.
CORTEC manifold valves are designed to provide reliable long-term service life and are much easier to service in the field. Disassembly is accomplished without the need for any special tooling.

With our process knowledge and our valve know-how we can optimise different schemes to deliver a bespoke engineered solution for your installation. We believe that this approach is unique within the industry and allows AVS to work in partnership with you, the client.

Valves for offshore and subsea applications

At AVS our oil and gas division supports clients in both the upstream and downstream market sectors. Our core business is the supply of valves into both offshore and subsea applications. We understand that safety, reliability and availability are of paramount importance and with this in mind we only represent high-quality independent suppliers who understand the challenges of supplying into this market.

Our major suppliers in this field are:

  • Cortec Manifold Systems
  • Cortec Fluid Control
  • Severn Unival
  • Severn Glocon
  • Perrin
  • Zwick
  • Nil-Cor

Manifold valves for high-pressure fluid control

CORTEC manifold valves (1in-12in, up to API 15,000psi) are designed for high-pressure fluid control applications, providing users with a space-saving and lightweight design compared with traditional ANSI and API class valves. Additionally, these valves provide significant savings on maintenance costs.

We offer:

  • Subsea trunnion ball valves, soft and metal seat
  • Subsea floating ball valves, soft and metal seat
  • Subsea check valves
  • Drilling diverter valves
  • Poppet diverter valves

The global valve specialist

The Severn Glocon Group offers world-class process industry products and engineering-led service solutions.

We have pioneered some of the industry’s most ground-breaking valve technologies and we only employ people who have the skills, aptitude and attitude to deliver excellent results. This combination of the best people, the best technologies and the best facilities underpins our formidable reputation for providing robust and reliable products and services. We offer:

  • Pioneering, intelligence-led, highly-engineered products and services
  • Valve development, manufacture and maintenance
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities
  • Rapid response services for emergent problems
  • Pedigree in oil and gas applications
  • Fully conversant in all industrial valve applications, from the power industry to food and pharmaceutical manufacture
  • Quality-centred service

Triple offset butterfly valves

Zwick is a manufacturer of high-performance triple offset butterfly valves. Zwick offers short delivery times and is a very flexible and effective organisation. Its offering of products includes:

  • High-performance butterfly valves: lugged type, wafer type, double flanged, welding ends
  • Combi-check valves
  • Quick-closing butterfly check valves
  • Tailor-made valves

Lightweight industrial valves

Nil-Cor is the world’s largest supplier of high-technology industrial valves made from strong, lightweight composite materials. Our graphite and fibreglass-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic resins are resistant to acids, caustics, bleaches, and more than 1,000 other industrial and waste treatment chemicals, at half the cost of traditional alloy valves. So, if you need strong, corrosion-resistant valves that are easy to own, easy to install and easy to operate, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Check valves


  • Malikai Deepwater Oilfield Project

    Malikai oilfield is located approximately 100km off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia, in water depths of up to 500m within Block G of the South China Sea.

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