Manufacturers of butterfly valves can be found all over the world. However, manufacturers with more than four decades’ worth of experience and know-how are few and far between.

Wouter Witzel EuroValve is one of them. Ever since 1966 we have been internationally renowned for industrial butterfly valves and actuators.

Our products are mainly supplied to customers in seven markets: oil and gas, power stations, desalination, water treatment, shipbuilding, building services and district cooling.

In the oil and gas market Wouter Witzel EuroValve has access to an elaborate network, including contacts with end users, consultants and contractors.

Being our own manufacturer also enables us to develop and produce tailor-made systems and products.
Wouter Witzel is proud to employ highly-skilled professionals in the entire manufacturing process.
Wouter Witzel, the versatile, centric designed and vulcanized butterfly valve.
Dynaxe, the high-quality, durable butterfly valve for heavy duty applications.
Wouter Witzel EuroValve butterfly valves in action.

As a result, we can closely monitor developments in this market, respond to them and, most importantly, offer worldwide services.

The oil and gas market requires a specific approach; experienced advisors with knowledge of the many applications and processes, fast and adequate service and a high degree of reliability regarding the worldwide products and materials used.

As a Dutch manufacturer of butterfly valves and actuators, we offer a very wide standard product range. Besides that, being a producer enables us to react to specific customer wishes and come up with solutions or improvements for the many applications of valves used in the oil and gas industry.

Wouter Witzel EuroValve also has an organisation capable of dealing with large and complex projects. Wouter Witzel has many options to supply the complete package of valves you need for your installations. Our many years of experience allow us to also provide extensive advice in the area of process and valve automation.

Products and applications for the oil and gas market

Wouter Witzel EuroValve is preferred supplier of butterfly valves and accessories for many oil and gas related companies. Unique product features, as well as excellence in project management skills, make our products and services suitable for a wide scope of applications, such as:

Auxiliary systems

  • Cooling water
  • Fire fighting
  • Ballast and bilge
  • Potable water
  • HVAC
  • Fuel oil

Process systems

  • Hydro carbon service
  • LNG
  • Natural gas
  • Flare gas

In the oil and gas market two of our products lines are used; Dynaxe and Wouter Witzel. These butterfly valves can be operated as you wish, manually, electrically or pneumatically.

Wouter Witzel rubber-lined butterfly valves

As a producer we make it possible for butterfly valves to be supplied with coatings to match your specifications. Furthermore, they have sufficient strength to cope when pressures rise up to 25 bar.

With diameters of DN40 up to even DN2200 and an impressive range of butterfly valves, in types such as wafer, semi-lug, tapped-lug, u-section, single flange and double flange, we have every right to call our product offering complete.

An important characteristic of our butterfly valves is the centric design and the vulcanised sealing. As a result, our butterfly valves offer important advantages, such as being suitable for many operation cycles and effectively protecting the valve casing.

Double-offset heavy duty butterfly valves

The Dynaxe range was developed to set a new standard for double-offset heavy duty butterfly valves. This specific product is the result of an integrated design approach which gives the valve a very high performance level, with a multitude of special features complementing each other. Special emphasis is paid to create a flexible product that meets customers’ specific requirements.

Our Dynaxe high-performance butterfly valves have a double-eccentric design and are available in many high-quality materials. They also come with a variety of sealing materials. Our standard range starts with DN50 and ends with DN900. Larger sizes are available upon request.

For offshore applications, Dynaxe butterfly valves are made out of seawater-resistant materials (high-grade (Duplex) stainless steel, Alubronze and high-grade alloys). The valves we supply practically always come with specific approvals and / or certificates. Possible applications include; ballast and bilge, fire fighting, fuel, lubricant, salt / sweet cooling water, drinking water, ventilation / heating / cooling, drilling water, waste water and processes.

For onshore applications, Dynaxe valves are usually made out of steel or stainless steel. For these applications Wouter Witzel valves are often supplied in larger diameters. Possible applications include; fire fighting, salt / sweet cooling water and processes.

Certificates / approvals

Wouter Witzel EuroValve supplies valves with accompanying certificates and approvals, both nationally and internationally. Approvals include BSI, Atex, Kiwa, DVGW, WRAS, GOST, TNO and many more. A list of these approvals can be found on our website.