A1 Offshore Solutions offers service vessels fitted with advanced equipment for oil, gas and wind industries, as well as special purpose ships (SPS) certification.

Service ships for the offshore industry

The company operates a fleet of the latest specialist vessels that fly the Danish flag, adhering to the country’s strict maritime regulations.

Thor Express and Odin Express are two ice-class DP2 K-POS ships with enhanced workability. The vessels are suitable for heavy cargo and dry bulk, as well as methanol and a range of liquid bulks. There are two fast-rescue crafts (FRC) on each ship, along with 38 bunks for crew accommodation.

Both ships have Lloyd’s Register +100A1, Ship Ice Class 1C, Fire Fighting Ship 1, as well as International Maritime Organization (IMO) DP2 class notations.

Notus Express is the first diesel-electric ship in A1 Offshore’s service vessel fleet.
Ocean Zephyr is an all-purpose ship that features a helideck, moonpool and fast-rescue crafts.
A1 Offshore can customise the Carrier Express vessel with a motion-compensated gangway and a 50t crane.
Shelf Express features FiFi Class 1 firefighting equipment and a 10t-capacity crane.
A large deck is available on the Sable Express for charterer cargo or workshop area.

Diesel-electric charter vessels

Notus Express is a refurbished ship that was completed in the first half of 2018. It is the first diesel-electric ship in A1 Offshore’s fleet.

It has 50 bunks for crewmembers, in addition to a 200m2 charter area below deck, Kenz Walk-to-Work 3m gangway, and a 3.5t deck crane. A 22m helideck can be optionally fitted with a capacity of 12.6t.

Eurus Express SPS50 is A1 Offshore’s second diesel-electric vessel equipped with an advanced K-Pos DP2 system. It is one of the latest Marin Teknikk MT6000 PSV vessels and has +1A1 DK(+) and DYNPOS(AUTR) class notations.

The vessel has a maximum height range between 19.1m and 28m, as well as an SMST Walk-to-Work Hs 3m gangway. A RedRock crane is fitted on-board with a maximum reach of 27m, in an addition to an optional helideck similar to the Notus Express.

All-purpose and customisable ships for offshore operations

Ocean Zephyr SPS50 is A1 Offshore’s all-purpose flagship, featuring a helideck, moonpool, DP2, FRC and 57 bunks for the crew. A 23m Walk-to-Work Ampelmann A06-XL gangway is available, as well as a heavy-duty 20t TTS Norlift crane with a 20m reach.

Carrier Express SPS50 is an adaptable ship in A1 Offshore’s fleet that can be rebuilt for project requirements. It is a DP2 vessel with a deck suitable for heavy cargo, along with dry bulk, methanol and liquid bulks with FRC installed.

There is an option to include a 23.4m-reach motion-compensated telescopic gangway with a bumper, as well as a TSS Norlift crane with a maximum 50t safe working load and 20m reach.

Shelf Express is a multi-purpose supply vessel with FiFi Class 1 firefighting equipment and FRC. It is equipped with a 10t-capacity TTS Norlift crane capable of reaching 17m.

Sable Express is a spacious ship that features onshore work facilities with a large McGregor 5t to 14t crane, as well as a large deck for charterer’s own cargo or workshop area that is accessible through a hydraulic hatch. New accommodation for 36 crewmembers was added in 2017.

About A1 Offshore Solutions

A1 Offshore Solutions is based in Svendborg, Denmark, and operates across the North Sea, West Africa and Brazil, offering vessels designed to meet the latest industry demands.

Experienced staff carry out work according to the company’s health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) standards and procedures.

The company specialises in cost-effective medium to long term charters with high standards of safety and efficient operation.