Enviro-serve Workboats has a large European fleet of offshore crew transfer, survey and guard vessels, providing specialist operations in the offshore oil and gas industry. With the variety of vessels in our fleet, we can offer our clients the most suitable vessels for their project.

Founded in 2003, Enviro-serve’s vessels have a proven operational track record in this field, having worked on projects all around north-west Europe.

In 2013, Enviro-serve had:

All of our vessels provide a stable platform for all varieties of transfer duties.
Panoramic wheel houses make these vessels ideal for survey and guard duties.
All of our vessels can remain at sea for periods of up to 20 days.
The Vigilante design can carry 8,500kg of cargo along with 12 passengers.
  • 40 offshore staff on the vessels
  • 10 onshore staff
  • 11 operational vessels
  • Several vessels under construction, with further new designs for the coming years

Crew transfer vessels

Our in-house training by highly experienced captains results in a highly skilled crew, which has completed more than 300,000 safe transfers over the years, many in challenging sea conditions.

Always thinking of the future, Enviro-serve continues to develop, build and operate crew transfer vessels to fit the requirements of the industry.

Offshore service vessels

As our company not only operates but also designs and builds offshore service vessels, we can adapt the vessel to the needs of the client and specific purposes on different projects.

Our vessels have been purpose-built to transfer offshore personnel between shore, offshore wind turbines, construction vessels and other offshore assets. They are spacious, comfortable and fulfil the highest safety specifications.

We set ourselves apart by delivering a high-quality service aimed at maximising availability and accessibility for our clients, so that they can work efficiently.

Crews, parts and projects

The vessels’ crews are highly experienced and trained by our in-house training programme, which benefits from the company’s experience throughout the years.

You can rely on us to maintain the vessels to the highest standard. Our engineers are readily available and we have a large stock of spare parts in several locations for any immediate repairs.

Our newest designed vessel offers complete redundancy in the event of a mechanical failure, which means the vessel suffers minimal downtime as the project is completed.

Besides the transfer of technicians and offshore personnel, the vessels can be used as:

  • Emergency response vessels
  • Standby vessels
  • Survey vessels
  • Dive support vessels
  • Ornithological study vessels

Offshore utility vessel fleet

The Enviro-serve fleet consists of 11 vessels of the following types:

  • NXS 24m design: a multi-purpose four-engined vessel with independent propulsion systems. It has 13 beds, four main engines, three generators, a 2t A frame and the ability to carry two 20ft containers
  • Vigilante 16m design: a smaller, comfortable class of vessel, which carries cargo, personnel and can perform various multi-role tasks
  • Patrol 19 design: a fast, economical vessel, which carries personnel and cargo. This design has the benefit of being extremely manoeuvrable

Our vessels either operate solely under the MCA SCV Workboat code or are also classified to Bureau Veritas N159 standard of offshore support vessels. This offers a high safety standard to accommodate 12 passengers safely at sea, up to 60nm-150nm offshore.

The lounge area is fitted with comfortable independent suspension seats, cabins for a minimum of six to 14 personnel and on-board satellite TV and communication systems, as well as sanitary facilities and a galley for cooking, tea and coffee.

The forward or aft deck space also allows larger parts and equipment to be carried besides the technicians’ tool bags. Our vessels are fitted with A frames, deck cranes and survey tables.

We not only provide vessels; we provide a service: safe personnel transfer.

Vessel safety

We are committed to the highest possible standard of operational safety. Among other safety equipment, the vessels carry life rafts, a rescue net and a sling for emergency situations. The vessels are equipped with high-spec navigation and radio equipment.

Our safety management system has been written in accordance with the ISM standard.

Our safety compliance is regularly checked by our own internal system of auditing, customer audits and independent companies. The quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.