Incorporated in 2006, Tampa Yacht Manufacturing (TYM) has seen sales growth each and every year since. As of today TYM has been awarded multiple international contracts and has pending contract awards in more than eight countries.

Based on the highly successful TEMPEST line of fast interceptor craft, TYM builds a full line of state-of-the-art TEMPEST military and paramilitary craft for coastal defence.

High-tech composite vessel construction

Tampa Yacht Manufacturing’s owes part of its success to the unique high-tech composite construction using advanced carbon and aramid fabrics and high-strength hybrid polyester and epoxy polymers. TYM’s ‘battle ready’ products offer superior strength, light weight and high speed vessels that are designed, engineered and custom-crafted to be mission specific.

Vessels include smaller craft between 9m-10m in length that provide an economical and highly-effective harbour or near-shore defence, safety and law enforcement solution. Smaller craft are custom-equipped to customers’ specific needs, with options including inflatable foam-filled collars or heavy-duty rubber fendering, petrol or diesel power in a multitude of configurations.

The 44ft fast coastal interceptor has a full load top speed of 55kts (63.29mph) and seats 4-6 people.
The 35ft quick response team has a full load top speed of 35kts (40.27mph) and seats 12 people.
The 40ft RHIB has a full load top speed of 55kts (63mph) and seats 12 people.
The 50ft fast attack craft has a full load top speed of 45kts (51.75mph) and seats 16 people.
All vessels at Tampa Yacht Manufacturing are IACS (RINA) classified.

Interception, interdiction and take-down of other high speed craft

Tampa Yacht Manufacturing offer several mid-size craft from 12m-15m. All of TYM’s craft are highly robust and high-performance suitable for interception, interdiction and take-down of other high-speed craft. Tampa Yacht craft are fitted with varying levels of ballistic protection, fixed and remotely-operated weapons mounts for LMG and HMG, custom-configured C4ISR and / or customer specified electronics suits and sensor suites, or COTS (common off the shelf) electronics.

All Tampa Yacht craft are available with shock mitigating seating, ‘in-seat’ joy-stick controls and multi-function operations, all of which make them highly-effective defensive and offensive assets.

At the larger sizes from 15m-20m, TYM currently offers ‘surge team’ craft capable of operating in littoral waters, and delivering troops to remote areas of operation at high speed.

Custom-configured vessels

The hallmark of TYM’s product line is its flexibility in custom configurations. Each our craft can be fitted with a variety of specific power-train options, including diesel-powered water-jets, surface-drives, tunnel-drives or petrol-powered outboard and stern-drive power options.

Tampa Yacht offers and supplies custom-fitted ballistic protection, weapons platforms, and advanced electronics and surveillance systems. TYM ensures an exact and precise fitting of each craft with equipment and features that offer the state-of-the art performance, quality and reliability required to achieve each mission, while meeting the customer’s budget requirements and ensuring an L1 (lowest bid) basis tender.

This balance of high quality, fit and function, delivered at the best value and price, enable our full range of patrol and interceptor craft to succeed in the international market.

Defence vessel research and development

Tampa Yacht is heavily committed to research and development (R&D) and constant improvement. In this way we meet the demands of the changing and challenging requirements for combating the threats of worldwide terror organisations.

Tampa Yacht is the leader in the development of new methods for the deployment of high-strength ballistic protection in all our craft, easily repaired and replaced, and lowest cost. Our unique ‘batt-in-place’ (BIP) installation and integration system for ballistic materials permit TYM to offer ballistic protection in craft where it was formerly too expensive or too difficult to install. We continue to develop new methods, and employ new advanced hybrid materials into our craft.

In-house engineering and design team

Our in-house staff of naval engineers and naval architects, along with outside naval engineering consultants Ocean5 Naval Architects and Propulsion Data Services, work very closely to develop new high-speed hull forms which provide a smoother ride, high sea state survivability, dynamic stability, higher speeds and long range fuel efficiency.

Ocean5 employs its custom performance prediction tool, Virtual Seatrial™, to design and analyse all of our designs using a ‘digital sea trial’. This highly sophisticated design methodology permits the optimization of our hull forms to a much higher level, and ensures that all of our boats provide the optimum combination of performance, manoeuvrability and sea keeping. Propulsion Data Services provides sophisticated software solutions for propulsion optimisation and advanced harmonic analysis.

Shock-mitigating seats for high-speed vessels

Tampa Yacht invests heavily in the development and tooling of our own custom shock-mitigating seat solutions. Custom fitted for our craft, our shock-mitigating seats provide significantly improved ride quality, reduced fatigue, and operational functionality. Our seats incorporate composite bearing systems that require no maintenance, custom moulded carbon fibre reinforced seat shells for extreme comfort and low weight, and all seat systems fold flat to maximise cockpit area when operating at low speed in action.

R&D efforts include the use and development of vacuum-assisted close moulding systems, as well as the deployment of new and advanced materials, including nano-enhanced materials and resins, and hybrid fibre systems. We design and fabricate all of our specialised tooling, moulds and patterns in house. A large inventory of high-value tooling assets allow us to respond with rapid prototype development faster than our competitors.