Case Study: Vikotherm® R2 Insulation for Optimum Flow Assurance

The Åsgard oilfield is situated on the Halten Bank offshore Norway and is the first field in the world to be equipped with seabed gas compressor systems, which are expected to provide a significant increase in power efficiency and safety. Trelleborg provided high-performance subsea insulation for use on the Åsgard Subsea Compression Project in the form of its Vikotherm® R2 insulation material. The solution was used on 600m of piping that forms part of the Åsgard subsea compression system. Vikotherm R2 subsea insulation is a practically incompressible, seawater and impact resistant solution, which not only has excellent thermal insulation properties, but maximum corrosion protection too, guaranteeing optimal flow assurance. Download our free white paper for more information.

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