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Kenz Cranes’ Products and Services

Kenz Cranes is a well-known designer and manufacturer of cranes and related lifting equipment for the offshore industry. Using our in-house production, testing, commissioning and installation facilities, we are able to deliver our custom-designed equipment on a turnkey basis. And because we have our own engineering company, we are able to develop products entirely under own management, from concept to delivery.

Kenz Cranes operates under the philosophy of clearly understanding variable client needs and adapting its products to them. Our focus is on the needs of customers. So rather than making only standard designs, a feature traditional to other suppliers, Kenz Cranes specifically tailors new-builds to a client's situation. We are an innovative company with people who understand and have a feeling for the work you do; who see it as a challenge to work out the best solution for your hoisting needs.

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