Issue 28

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UK industry body Oil & Gas UK has renewed its call for major reform to the tax regime, but we find out whether over-taxation is to blame for the unsustainable situation. We also find out if Cyprus will fulfill its potential in becoming an energy frontier.

In the latest issue, we investigate the strategies the industry can implement to fill the impending skills gap and look at reasons behind the surge of interest towards African oil and gas hotspots.

Moreover, we explore the world of seismic surveying and the new technology that is being used, in addition to profiling the White Rose Expansion Project in Canada.

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In this issue

Taxed Out the Game
Are tax breaks needed to save the industry or is the current downturn something it should be able to weather alone? Heidi Vella-Starr finds out more.
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Offshore Cyprus
With a share of the resource rich Levant Basin, a pipeline to Europe under consideration and increased capex spend anticipated – Cyprus is an emerging offshore energy frontier worth watching. Heidi Vella-Starr investigates this region.
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Recruitment Overhaul
Should companies be taking a long-term view and invest in new technologies to attract graduates and ensure adequate knowledge transfer in order to stave off future shortages? Heidi Vella-Starr looks at the challenges involved.
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Look to Africa
African oil and gas hotspots are becoming increasingly attractive to global investors and exploration companies. While trends are generally on the up, Chris Lo asks what are the factors driving the flow of investment.
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Seismic Leap
With the rise of new technology such as drones opening up new opportunities in the area, Adam Leach profiles the latest innovations in seismic surveying.
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White Rose Expansion Project, Canada
The White Rose Expansion Project involves the development of three satellite fields: the North Amethyst, the West White Rose and the South White Rose.
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Next issue preview

BP, Shell and Exxon have once again turned their attentions to Somalia as a destination with significant potential for offshore oil exploration. We weigh up the risks against the reward.

In the next issue we find out how attractive end-to-end ownership of the oil supply chain really is, discover why capital expenditure is growing and speak to the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) about its software, which can help prevent future hydrocarbon leaks.

Moreover, we profile GE’s offshore technology research centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and find out more about the US Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Look out for our Exploration & Drilling special issue out on 12th March.

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