Terminales Portuarias operates the Bilbao I liquids storage terminal, which is located in Basque Country in Spain. This liquids storage terminal became operational in 1968 and is owned by Terminales Portuarias.

The terminal, which is accessible by pipeline, rail, road, and sea, primarily stores chemicals and petroleum products.

Key specifications of the storage terminal
Storage Capacity (bbl): 20,24,686
Tank Size Min (bbl): 314
Tank Size Max (bbl): 1,28,626
Number of Tanks: 79

About Terminales Portuarias

Terminales Portuarias SL (TEPSA) is an oil and gas company that offers reception, storage and forwarding of bulk liquid petroleum products, chemicals and biofuels. The company provides petroleum products such as fuel, fuel oils, gasoline and kerosene. Its services include storage, transfer in and out, product services and special services. TEPSA offers product services such as weighing, sealing, heating of products, supply of nitrogen, in-tank dilution of products, and others. Its special services comprise loading and unloading of tank lorries, on-line dilution of phosphoric acid and acetic acid, on-line denaturing of alcohol, connection to the national oil pipeline network, bunkering service, biodiesel and bioalcohol blending on-line, and outsourcing. The company operates and manages terminals in Tarragona, Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao. TEPSA is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.


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