Kirishinefteorgsintez operates the Kirishi refinery, which is located in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It is an integrated refinery owned by Surgutneftegas. The refinery, which started operations in 1966, has an NCI of 7.55.

Key processes of the refinery

Crude Distillation Unit (mbd): 404
Vacuum Distillation (mbd): 98
Catalytic Cracker (mbd): 100
Hydrocracker (mbd): 98
Reformer (mbd): 44
Hydrotreater (mbd): 80
Isomerization (mbd): 32

The capacity of the refinery is expected to remain the same as 403.7mbd by 2030.

Maintenance activities at Kirishi refinery

The Kirishi refinery witnessed five incidents during the period 2015-2020.

Upcoming expansion project at Kirishi refinery

Delayed Coking Unit

About Kirishinefteorgsintez

Kirishinefteorgsintez (KINEF) is a commodity manufacturer. The company operates petroleum refinery and refining, manufacturing, and marketing of oil products. It provides petroleum products to paint industries and petrochemical domestic chemicals, as well as construction segments. KINEF products include unleaded motor gasoline, jet fuel, mazut, fuel bitumen, polyalkylbenzene, linear alkylbenzene, petroleum paraffins, sulfuric acid, sulfur, and roofing materials. The company’s products include diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline, fuel oil, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, petroleum bitumen, aromatics and solvents polialkilbenzol, linear alkyl benzene, ABSK (alkyl benzene sulfonic acid), paraffin oil, sulfuric acid, sulfur, roofing material. It conducts integrated testing and conducted commissioning of objects of the first starting stage integrated refining where it installed hydro L-24-10/2000 and the second flow unit for production of elemental sulfur along with PRT-2 (substation deep input). It operates as a subsidiary of Surgutneftegaz. The company has processing units in North-West region of Russia, Western and Eastern Europe. KINEF is headquartered in Kirishi, Russia.


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