The 806km-long, upcoming Northeastern Argentina Gas Project will be operated by Integracion Energetica Argentina. This onshore, gas pipeline, with a maximum diameter of 24 inches, will start in Tarija (Bolivia) and ends in Corrientes (Argentina).

The Northeastern Argentina Gas Project is expected to commence operations in 2023 and will be owned by Integracion Energetica Argentina, and Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos.



During the period 2021-2025, the Northeastern Argentina Gas Project is expected to witness an estimated capex of $197.95m.

Contractors involved in the Northeastern Argentina Gas Project:

Some of the key contractors for the Northeastern Argentina Gas include –

Main EPC: Ceramic Pipes, Contreras Hnos, Helport, Panedile Argentina SAICF eI, Rovella Carranza.

About Integracion Energetica Argentina


Integracion Energetica Argentina SA (IEASA), formerly Energia Argentina S.A., is a state owned energy company that constructs and operates natural gas pipelines. It stores, transports, distributes, markets and industrializes the hydrocarbons and their derivatives. IEASA conducts design, construction, commissioning, operation, development and maintenance of high-power eolic plants. The company also carries out generation, transportation, distribution and sale of electrical energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources. It also develops renewable energy generation and non-contaminating fuel projects, including eolic, biomass, hydraulic generation, solar, biofuel, and other renewable sources. IEASA is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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