Global workforce solutions provider Airswift has developed a new model that is expected to allow oilfield operators to gain more control over the work carried out on their behalf.

Known as the Oilfield Service Integration model, the new system is aimed at improving the way oilfield services are delivered.

The model, which was developed through collaboration between Airswift and its clients, seeks to fulfil desire to increase performance while decreasing costs.

Additionally, the model allows operators to bring traditional service spend in-house, driven by Airswift and its contractors.

Airswift Americas senior vice-president Sam Cross said: “Operators want to have greater input into the work carried out on their behalf – and why shouldn’t they? But traditional ways of working, with multiple suppliers, offer anything but. It’s time to end the era of long and fragmented supply chains and usher in a new approach.

“It’s time to end the era of long and fragmented supply chains and usher in a new approach.”

“That’s exactly what we’ve developed. Our new model lets customers work with a single supplier that can set up and run a project exactly as they want and show them the results throughout the complete lifecycle of an asset.”

Operators can choose to source certain heavy equipment in-house, with Airswift managing the certified equipment operators.

Furthermore, operators willing to set up in-house design programmes can choose to directly utilise Airswift personnel who would be working in a design firm.

The integration model enables operators to have more control over different aspects such as crew size, hours to process and safety.