Along with a partner, Aker BP has made an oil discovery in production licence 867 B (PL 867 B), offshore Norway, following the drilling of wildcat well 25/10-17 S.

Located 12km north of the Aker BP-operated Ivar Aasen field in the North Sea, the 25/10-17 S well has been drilled to a vertical depth of 4,057m below sea level using the Scarabeo 8 drilling facility.

Following drilling, the 25/10-17 S well encountered a 3m oil column in the Hugin Formation. Totalling 98m, 80m of the discovery was sandstone of moderate reservoir quality.

The partners made oil/water contact at 3,654m below sea level.

Furthermore, the well intersected residual oil both over and under the oil column in the Hugin and Sleipner formations.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) claims that the Skagerrak Formation is water-bearing.

According to preliminary estimates, the discovery holds 0.5 to 1.4 million Sm³ of recoverable oil equivalent.

However, preliminary assessments indicate that the discovery is currently not profitable.

The well was not formation-tested, but data acquisition and sampling were undertaken.

Aker BP operates PL 867 B with an 80% stake. Lime Petroleum holds the remaining 20% stake.

The first exploration well in the block, 25/10-17 S is expected to be permanently plugged and abandoned.

The Scarabeo 8 drilling rig will be moved to drill another wildcat well, 16/1-25 S, in the Aker BP-operated production licence 1141 in the North Sea.

Recently, Equinor made a hydrocarbon discovery in PL 923, located in the North Sea, near the Troll field, offshore Norway.