BW Energy, an oil and gas company headquartered in Norway, announced first oil from the Hibiscus/Ruche Phase 1 development in Dussafu licence offshore Gabon.

The licence is located within the Ruche Exclusive Exploitation Area (Ruche EEA) covering an area of 850 km² with an average water depth of 116m.

According to the company, production of nearly 6,000 barrels a day from the first well aligns with expectations.

BW MaBoMo production facility had drilled the DHIBM-3H well to a depth of 3,883m into Gamba sandstone reservoir on the Hibiscus field.

Drilling operations began early this year after installing the production facility, risers and pipelines.

The oil produced from Hibiscus/Ruche is being transported using a pipeline to the BW Adolo floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) to be processed and stored before offloading it to oil tankers. 

BW Energy CEO Carl Krogh Arnet said: “We delivered first oil from Hibiscus/Ruche on schedule with an excellent HSE performance. This represents the first of several steps on a path for successive production growth in Gabon as we complete the drilling program and asset upgrades through 2023 and into early 2024.” 

The Hibiscus/Ruche Phase 1 drilling aims to drill four wells at Hibiscus Gamba and two wells at Ruche Gamba.

These wells, which are being drilled by the Borr Norve jackup rig, are expected to produce approximately 30,000 barrels of oil per day, when they are completed early next year.

The company also noted that a gas lift compressor is being installed on BW Adolo with plans of being commissioned after the first oil from Hibiscus/Ruche has been achieved.

Carl K. Arnet added: “Our priority now is to complete start-up activities and stabilise production from the DHIBM-3H well.  In parallel, work progresses towards start-up of the new gas lift compressor to support production from the existing six Tortue wells while also moving ahead with drilling of the next Hibiscus/Ruche production wells as planned.”

Early this month, DW Energy completed drilling operations on DHIBM-3H.