Capstone Green Energy, through its Alaska distributor Arctic Energy, has secured new orders from two undisclosed oil and gas operators for a major oil field project and two offshore platforms.

Under the first order, Arctic Energy will deliver a C600S microturbine to power a major oil and gas production site in the North Slope of Alaska.

The C600S microturbine, which is fuelled by wellhead natural gas extracted directly from the pipeline, will power the production facility, operating centre, seawater treatment plant, and pipelines at a major oil field project.

Capstone said the oilfield would significantly increase oil flow in the trans-Alaska pipeline, which has fallen by approximately 75% from its peak in the late 1980s.

Arctic Energy president Greg Porter said: “As oil and gas production in Alaska sees new heights, Capstone’s technology is an integral part of an environmentally conscious plan for resource development.

“These units will boost production and flow of clean-burning, abundant natural gas from one of the world’s largest natural gas fields.”

As part of the second order, Arctic Energy will supply two C65 offshore microturbines for use on offshore platforms in Alaska’s Cook inlet.

The two C65 offshore systems are planned to be deployed by the undisclosed oil and gas producer at uncrewed oil and gas platforms.

Capstone Green Energy president and CEO Darren Jamison said: “Fuel flexibility, superior engineering, and a lower emissions profile make Capstone turbines a compelling choice for these discerning customers.

“In addition, the low maintenance requirements of the Capstone generation systems are ideal for often remote and harsh locations where these customers need power.”

The C600S microturbines are planned to be commissioned in mid-2023 while the C65s turbines are planned to start operations later in the year.

Capstone said its microturbines are designed for use in all phases of oil and gas production, including upstream, midstream, and downstream operations in both onshore and offshore applications.