Aviation topped among the four sectors in a poll Verdict has conducted to assess the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. The sectors chosen were among those that the energy industry supplies to.

The other three sectors included in the poll were industrial/manufacturing, personal transportation, and marine.

A severe impact on aviation is seen by a majority 58% of the poll respondents. The severity of impact on industrial/manufacturing sector, which consumes approximately 50% of the global energy and feedstock fuels according to BP, is foreseen to be lesser, as chosen by 29% of the poll respondents.

Personal transportation and marine are predicted to witness an even lesser impact, with 7% and 6% of the respondents choosing them, respectively.

The transport industry, however, accounts for 21% of global energy consumption, according to BP.

Aviation is facing one of the biggest challenges in decades, as countries where more than 90% of the world’s population lives have announced either partial or full ban on the entry of travellers from other countries according to Pew Research Center. Globally, approximately 80% of the flights were grounded by early April, according to IATA’s latest impact assessment published in mid-April.

The analysis is based on 401 responses received between 26 March and 21 April.