The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum has collaborated with Schlumberger to launch the Egypt Upstream Gateway, a new national project intended to digitise offshore subsurface information.

In addition to enabling global access to the country’s subsurface data, the new national digitalisation project is expected to promote Africa’s exploration and production potential worldwide.

Schlumberger said that the subsurface data in the platform is kept evergreen by enhancing the datasets’ legacy by undertaking reprocessing and new studies.

Egypt’s Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Tarek El-Molla said: “Egypt is in the process of launching the Egypt Upstream Gateway, a digital subsurface platform that will act as an up-to-date repository of the country’s subsurface data.

“The Egypt Upstream Gateway will digitally promote Egypt’s oil and gas bid rounds through seamless online access to the sector’s data, as well as endorsing our exploration potential worldwide.”

Under a single platform, the gateway will offer more than 100 years’ worth of onshore and offshore seismic, non-seismic, well-log, production, and additional subsurface data.

Schlumberger said that the data provided by the platform would enable de-risked decisions by exploring multiple basins and evergreen data.

Using the platform’s online portal, users can access the data virtually from anywhere.

The platform is also planned to host an upcoming bid round in the country, providing national and international investors with lease availability information.

Schlumberger digital and integration president Rajeev Sonthalia said: “The Egypt Upstream Gateway is the embodiment of the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum’s vision, leveraging digitisation to modernise the country’s petroleum sector.”

Last year, Middle Eastern maritime and logistics firm Milaha and Schlumberger signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to order oil well stimulation vessels for work in Qatar.