Italian oil and gas major Eni, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Google Cloud have partnered on an open digital platform ‘Open-es’.

The digital platform supports sustainability in the industrial supply chain for companies committed to the energy transition.

Eni noted that the idea came from the ‘common interest’ of the three companies to support energy transition and sustainability in the industrial sectors.

According to the Italian major, Open-es will enable suppliers involved in the energy transition to fully bring out their expertise in sustainability.

It will also ‘take a concrete approach with an industrial slant’. Initial development of the platform will be powered by Eni.

In a press statement, Eni stated: “Open-es will be open to all players in the energy sector and in industrial supply chain, from large groups, to small and medium businesses, to start-ups and any service providers interested in accelerating the energy transition.

“Every participating company will be able to interact on the platform both as a supplier and as a customer, depending on the role they play in the industrial chain, enabling the entire ecosystem and creating a space for real collaboration and growth.

“It will be made available to every company, with certification models developed by independent bodies. Each company will be able to make its information and experience available in a controlled and secure way, and only grant access to authorised resources.”

Recently, Eni signed an MoU with oilfield services provider Saipem to collaborate on decarbonisation initiatives in Italy.