Equinor has successfully installed the topside for the second drilling platform on the Johan Sverdrup field located in the Norwegian continental shelf.

The 22,000 tonne (t) steel structure was transferred from the Aibel yard in Haugesund to Bømlafjorden at Stord through Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit heavy-lift vessel.

For the installation, Equinor and its Johan Sverdrup partners used the vessel’s single-lift installation technology, which possesses the capability to lift complete topsides of around 48,000t.

Equinor, the first company to use the single-lift technology, noted that the technology can result in savings in terms of manhours and costs, as well as minimise health, environment and safety risks.

Equinor and Johan Sverdrup senior vice-president Trond Bokn said: “Two of the four Johan Sverdrup platforms are now in place.

“Two of the four Johan Sverdrup platforms are now in place.”

“The power cables to the field were rolled out last week, and so far, the installation of Norway’s biggest oil pipeline has gone very well, so this is definitely moving in the right direction.”

The drilling platform has been 85% tested and is set to tie-back to eight wells that were pre-drilled by the Deepsea Atlantic semi-submersible in 2016.

Subsequently, the platform will be used to drill approximately 48 new wells for the Johan Sverdrup development.

Equinor plans to use the Pioneering Spirit vessel to install the remaining two topsides at the Johan Sverdrup field next year.

This vessel will also be used to sail processing, and the utility and accommodation platforms for the field.