Spain, Portugal, and France have agreed to build a new subsea pipeline for the transportation of hydrogen and gas between Barcelona, Spain, and Marseille, France.

The agreement for the Green Energy Corridor has been signed between Spanish President Pedro Sánchez, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa .

Named BarMar, the proposed project would replace the plan to extend the MidCat pipeline to connect the Iberian Peninsula to the rest of Europe.

France opposed the MidCat pipeline, saying that the project would take too long to complete and would not help in addressing short-term supply issues.

At the meeting, Costa said: “Today we reached an agreement to definitively overcome the old project, the so-called MidCat, and develop a new project, which we called the Green Energy Corridor, which will complement the interconnections between Portugal and Spain, between Celorico da Beira and Zamora, and also to make a connection between Spain and the rest of Europe, connecting Barcelona and Marseille by sea.”

Costa said the new pipeline will be designed for green hydrogen or other renewable gases.

It will also be temporarily used to supply natural gas up to a certain proportion to help alleviate the energy crisis in Europe.

Costa said the details are yet to be finalised from a technical point of view for the new pipeline, which will allow Spain and Portugal to bring their excess gas supplies to France and other European countries.

Europe is looking to secure alternative energy supplies due to supply cuts from Russia after the Western nations had imposed sanctions in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, reported Reuters.