Oilfield services company Halliburton has unveiled the Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone (XSTMZ) system for extreme deepwater conditions.

The new XSTMZ system can be used for completing wells in deepwater and ultra-deepwater conditions up to 15,000 per square inch (psi).

The pressure rating of the XSTMZ system is designed on the basis of the company’s 10,000psi rated Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZTM) system.

It enables operators to isolate and frac pack multiple zones at higher pump rates with larger proppant volumes.

The XSTMZ system also supports the creation of zonal compartments for better stimulation of long pay zones with high-pressure differentials.

Halliburton said in a statement: “The increased capability of the XSTMZ system helps increase production and total recovery by driving down abandonment pressure and can save rig time by isolating and treating several intervals with a single trip.”

The new system will be used by a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico Lower Tertiary to complete multiple reservoirs that experience large bottomhole pressure differentials due to the exhaustion of some of the reservoirs.

With the deployment of the new system, stimulation and gravel packing of long pay zones will be improved in Gulf of Mexico Lower Tertiary.

The operator intends to start equipment installation next year for the completion of two wells.

Halliburton Completion Tools business line vice-president Mark Dawson said: “The introduction of the 15,000psi rated XSTMZ system allows us to maximise production in even more challenging formations while further reducing the time required to complete these wells versus conventional systems.

“The success of our ESTMZ system has helped operators complete over 200 independent zones globally, and we are pleased to see our engineered completion solutions continue to meet our customers’ needs in ultra-deep water.”