Project management software company InEight has introduced interval planning to InEight Schedule, a new project planning software feature for the oil and gas sector that will combine front-end and field execution planning.

According to the Arizona-based company, the new software will integrate Critical Path Method (CPM) – an algorithm used to schedule project activities – and a new interval planning interface to enable workers to schedule resources, assign workdays and see potential weather impact on projects.

InEight chief design officer Dan Patterson said: “Increasing project certainty requires the depth and breadth of knowledge from project planners and relies heavily on integrating this knowledge with insights from individuals who execute the work in the field.”

Patterson said increased visibility would be among the benefits InEight Schedule offers.

“Project teams can quickly collaborate to resolve issues such as productivity slowdowns that can impact the project timeline,” he said

Productivity would also improve, the company said, as planners could save up to 40% of time usually spent building plans, while at the same time save up to 75% of time spent gathering feedback.

InEight CEO Jake Macholtz said: “Our solutions foster greater transparency and stakeholder collaboration at the outset of the project.

“Implementing and optimising front-end and workface planning across the project life cycle will lead to more predictable outcomes. We are proud to deliver this level of certainty for the markets we serve.”