AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has won a contract to deploy a customised version of its Protect 8 industrial UPS to secure the power supply on Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore’s BT-4000 deep semi-submersible platform.

The latest project is intended to serve a new platform in Santos basin in Brazil, where oil is extracted under salt geological layers.

Advanced floating offshore units provider Bassoe Technology designed the new BT4000 deepwater semi-submersible rig.

The platform is used to drill oil in offshore regions with temperate waters such as Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, or South East Asia.

Water operation depth ranges between 200m and 2,400m, and maximum drilling/workover depth is 8,500m.

AEG PS China managing director Ever Guo said: "The design of the solutions was a key factor in the decision of Dalian Shipbuilding to grant us this project.

"Our experience in engineering power supply for offshore platform was our strength, as well as the high-reliability and the ruggedness of our products."

The design of the company’s Protect 8 system is based on a new modular architecture, improved manufacturing processes, and ‘fit to specification’ concept.

Earlier, the company worked with Dalian Shipbuilding on the BT-350 and AJ-46 drilling platforms.

Designed to have all necessary equipment to drill pre-salt oil, the new type BT-4000 semi-submersible platform has significant market potential in the field of deep water oil and gas.

Solutions are expected to be delivered in January 2016.

Image: The BT4000-type deepwater semi-submersible rig was designed by Bassoe Technology. Photo: courtesy of AEG Power Solutions.