Global heavy-lift specialist ALE has completed offshore and marine operations for a major offshore platform project in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Azerbaijan.

Under the contract awarded by BOS Shelf, the scope of work included the load-out of two jackets, weighing and jack-up of the topsides, strand jack skidding load-outs, ballasting and mooring and the offshore floatovers for two topsides.

ALE started work on the project in July last year with the ballasting load-outs of the 13,977t production and riser (PR) and the 12,369t living quarters and utilities (QU) platform jackets.

ALE-Offshore Services engineering manager Matthew Hodgson said: “We are involved in multiple, complex scopes of work with multiple clients and dedicated experts from different ALE branches and divisions, each with their own specialisms being deployed.”

The company provided the full external ballast system and engineering, which included the system design and calculations.

Jackets were loaded-out onto the same STB-1 launch barge using the client’s push/pull skidding system.

In the next phase, ALE carried out work regarding the weighing and jack-up of the QU topside for another client using the Mega Jack system.

The company used load cells to weigh the deck at 12,789t and the Mega Jack was deployed to jack-up the topside to 14.5m.

“The frame was transferred using 900t strand jacks and ballasting the barge.”

Before carrying out the skidding loadout of the QU deck at 14,200t, the load-out frame was transferred under the topside.

The frame was transferred using 900t strand jacks and ballasting the barge.

ALE also supplied a large spread of mooring winches that have the capacity between 20t and 85t.

Recently, the company completed the floatover of the QU topside using its own ballast system and mooring winches.

The final phase of the project included the load-in of the load-out frame, as well as weighing, jack-up, load-out and float over operations of the PR topside.

Image: ALE jack-up the QU platform 14.5m using the Mega Jack system. Photo: courtesy of ALE.