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US-based Bechtel and Chart Energy & Chemicals have signed an agreement to design and build floating LNG (FLNG) process facilities.

As part of the agreement, Bechtel can use Chart’s Integrated Pre-cooled Single Mixed Refrigerant (IPSMR) liquefaction technology for FLNG facilities.

Chart’s equipment, including brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold boxes will be purchased by Bechtel for facilities designed with this technology.

Bechtel’s wholly owned subsidiary Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions will manage the IPSMR technology agreement.

Bechtel offshore business line general manager Joe Gebara said: "Chart’s liquefaction technology offers performance optimisation for mid-scale LNG plants that complements Bechtel’s FLNG offering for that scale of facility.

"Our collaboration with Chart will enhance current floating LNG engineering and construction models in the industry by offering efficiencies on single mixed refrigerant plants to our customers."

"Our collaboration with Chart will enhance current floating LNG engineering and construction models in the industry.

Additional cryogenic separation stages can be integrated for nitrogen removal and natural gas liquids recovery using IPSMR technology, Bechtel said.

Chart Energy & Chemicals business unit president Mike Durkin said: "Bechtel are world renowned for their EPC and project management expertise and their proud record for the successful execution of LNG projects.

"We are therefore naturally delighted with this further development in our business relationship and excited by the potential for floating LNG utilising Charts IPSMR process in the delivery of natural gas as a clean-burning, safe and economic fuel alternative."

Chart LNG liquefaction processes serve as the company’s standard plant solutions for small-scale and mid-scale LNG, and incorporate brazed aluminum heat exchangers for optimal thermal performance and better operations.

Image: Bechtel will have the option to use Chart’s IPSMR liquefaction technology for FLNG facilities. Photo: courtesy of Bechtel Corporation.