CARBO Ceramics has deployed two of its new proppant technologies for an E&P operator in the Gulf of Mexico’s Lower Tertiary trend.

The conductivity proppant technology for deep wells Kryptosphere HD has the capability to withstand high closure stresses and extreme cyclic loading conditions to maintain the life of the well.

The technology is expected to increase the operator’s return on investment by providing better production and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

According to Carbo Ceramics, in its production enhancement technology Scaleguard, scale inhibiting chemicals are infused into a ceramic proppant.

Designed to safeguard the entire production network starting from the fracture through the wellbore to subsea/surface processing equipment, the technology provides a controlled release of the scale inhibitor.

"The technology provides a controlled release of the scale inhibitor."

This avoids the formation of common oilfield scales.

By incorporating the two technologies, the company engineered a tailored solution in a bid to address the operator’s production challenges for its Gulf of Mexico lower tertiary development.

Carbo Ceramics marketing and sales vice-president Don Conkle said: "The Kryptosphere HD and Scaleguard solution applied in the Lower Tertiary Gulf of Mexico is well-suited for the production enhancement and flow assurance demands in this challenging deep well environment.

"Carbo is excited by the opportunities for these technologies around the globe and is committed to remaining at the forefront of production enhancement innovation."

Image: Kryptosphere HD technology can withstand high closure stresses. Photo: courtesy of Carbo Ceramics Inc.