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Superior Energy Services company Hallin Marine has concluded a project in the Bualuang oil field off the coast of Thailand following damage to subsea structures.

As part of the project, which commenced on 6 January, the company inspected and repaired the mooring and riser system at the floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility of an undisclosed client.

The company managed the project from its subsea operations vessel (SOV) Windermere, which joined its fleet in 2010 and became its flagship, being purpose designed and built to its own specification.

The Windermere has its own, moonpool-launched, 15-man built-in saturation diving system and ROVs.

According to Hallin Marine, the client commissioned an initial third-party ROV inspection in partnership with Rubicon Offshore International in order to determine the nature and extent of any damage.

Later on, Hallin provided saturation diving services for further inspection and stabilised the installation before conducting repairs.

The work involved the unraveling of flexible risers, control umbilical and mooring wire.

"The work involved the unraveling of flexible risers, control umbilical and mooring wire."

The oil production riser assembly and other subsea structures were also removed and replaced subsequently, resulting in a safe return to production.

Rubicon operations director Andre Vogel said: "It was an excellent achievement in a six-week timeframe and would not have been possible if we did not have the level of commitment from the entire team during this time."

Hallin service delivery director Phil Chamberlain said: "The team worked closely with the client to assess the situation before planning and executing the work safely and effectively.

"Hallin is particularly proud of the outcome of this challenging project."

Image: Hallin Marine’s SOV Windermere. Photo: courtesy of Hallin Marine